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There are a number of complicated requirements for foreigners to start a business. It is known worldwide that Dubai is one of the places which are extremely eager to welcome visitors and investors. However, this requires qualifications and sticking to a number of strict rules and regulations of Dubai’s visa application process. This makes employee visa a bit tricky for new entrepreneurs operating in the Dubai mainland or out in one of the city’s free zones.
It is not a big issue for Dubai visas to get rejected due to common mistakes made in the application. Luckily, it is possible to re-apply for the visa application after identifying the problems and correcting them, so that no mistakes remain in it.


Advantages of hiring a PRO

As you will notice below, the intervention of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) helps in the process of reapplication. When someone starts a business in Dubai, many of these entrepreneurs choose to hire a PRO that can assist them in the new business set-up process in the UAE. They can also use the experience, knowledge and the contacts that can help these entrepreneurs to navigate the local immigration department and sort out the visa issues faced by an new applicant.

The following are the list of some common errors that occurs during the Dubai visa application process and how can it be resolved – 

There is an error in stating your name, passport number, profession code or other details that includes date of birth, date of passport issuance and expiry. 
While typographical errors as described in this case can result in delay of processing visa approval. It is a very common that these mistakes can lead to an outright rejection. If this is the error in the application , the applicant should proofread their application and reapply for visa approval. Also, lack of knowledge about the some particulars of the visa form, that can include the policies surrounding job titles and profession code, can result in rejections. Therefore, it’s recommended to hire a PRO services before initiating a company in Dubai.

You submitted an unclear or a damaged copy of your passport to the online UAE immigration system.
Just like the typographical errors, blurry passport copies will  cause delay in Dubai visa processing and it can also lead to rejections. In this case, the applicant should reapply by uploading a clear  and undamaged scan of their passport in the online UAE immigration system.


You given an old and hand-written passport.
Hand-written passports are not taken into considerations any more by most countries in the world. Submitting a machine-readable passport is now a necessity and a must requirement for getting visas in Dubai. Apply for a new passport in your country and submit a new application for a Dubai visa after it is completed. 

You were residing in the UAE and left the country without cancelling your residence visa. 
Before you can start a company in Dubai, your PRO will have to pay a visit to the  immigration department and apply for cancelation of your previous residency visa

You had previously  applied for a tourist visa and never visited Dubai in the interval of the time when that visa was valid.
Before you can set up your business in Dubai, your PRO will have to go and visit the immigration department and cancel any of  your previous tourist visa. You can also directly contact your travel agent as well  or a sponsor to do so.

A UAE-based company that has applied for your employment visa but you did not travel to Dubai during that the interval that visa is valid. 
Before you can begin your business in Dubai, your PRO will have to go to a visit the immigration department and cancel your previous employment visa as well and them only you can get another visa.


Overstay on your last Dubai Visa
If a visa applicant overstays in the time interval of his/her previous stay in the United Arab Emirates, they can face delay or rejection of visas. Several times people visited Dubai for tourism and continued to stay in UAE even after the expiration of your visa, this considered as overstaying and is subjected  to several fines and consequences including – 
⦁ Your name can be blacklisted. 
⦁ You can face an Immigration Ban. 
⦁ You can be sent to jail for up to 3 months
⦁ You may get a deportation order. 

Previous Criminal Offence –  Applicants who are previously caught and have a record of criminal offense, misconduct, fraud in the UAE or on any country. These people will have their visa applications rejected by the UAE immigration. 

Similar Identity in the family
You can also face a visa rejection or delay if you are traveling with family and multiple people of your family share same names or date of birth in the family. 
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