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Can one visit all the seven UAE emirates with a single visa?

It is essential to know that any individual planning to visit any of the seven emirates belonging to the UAE can do so with a single Dubai visa. A UAE visa gives its holders the flexibility to travel to all seven emirates. Though the UAE permits extending the validity of a tourist visa for 30 days and 90 days. 

Dubai visa and the details required

Dubai visas, irrespective of their kind, are all electronic copies. These Dubai visas are made available to their owners via mail. 

The type of visa issued to an individual depends on the following factors:

  • An individual’s nationality,
  • The objective of the visit,
  • The duration of the stay

To apply for a Dubai visa, one must make sure they scan and send their passport copy, a coloured passport-size photograph, and their confirmed flight ticket via mail for submission.


Checking Dubai's visa status online

The visa is a crucial document that can give any individual access to several of the amenities of any nation. If misplaced, this document can put its holder in dire straits. Any Dubai visa appearing queries, be it an application for a visa, checking for a visa expiry date, or registration for an extension of the duration of stay can be clarified with us designed to help visa seekers. The only prerequisite is your passport number. Dubai visa center provides you with several facilities and options to claim your visa without any hurdles. Following a few simple steps, you can get a visa in 3 working days. We also prove visas earlier than proclaimed based on the client’s requirements. 

Residents of Dubai can retrieve all the information they require for their visas. Clients must provide the enumerated details:

  • their residence file number, 
  • their first name as mentioned in the passport, 
  • their gender, and 
  • date of birth in the required format.  

Upon providing all the correct details, the owner will get a hold of their Dubai visa expiry date.

The UAE government also launched an app to help you through. With the app, all your information will be at your fingertips immediately. Noticing that retrieving visa details requires only the passport number, it is a prudent choice to keep a scanned copy of your passport always within your reach. As we’re all aware that government initiatives generally take a lot of time to process requests it is always better to approach us to get your work done on time. 

Types of Dubai Visas

As specified earlier, the type of Dubai visa granted to an individual depends on several factors besides the purpose of their visit, the duration of stay, and nationality. Using our Dubai visa center portal you can apply for the following type of visas. They are as enumerated below:

  1. 14 days Dubai tourist visa
  2. 30 days single and multiple entry tourist Visa
  3. 90 days single and multiple-entry tourist visas
  4. 48 and 96 hours transit Visa
  5. 30 and 90 days visa extension

Steps to follow to check your Dubai visa status

  • In the event that you have applied for a visa with our website, checking your Dubai visa status is only a basic errand.
  • At the point when you present your Dubai visa application, we mail you an acknowledgement message where your application ID should be visible. You can utilize that ID to track the status of your visa at all stages.
  • You are expected to tap on the Dubai visa status option and enter your application ID and can see your Dubai visa application status timely.
  • Dubai visa center is an extremely easy-to-use site, you can without much of a stretch look at all the data. It likewise gives a step-by-step procedure clarification so you don't get stuck in the process. We make your visa available to you within 3 to 4 working days.

Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

Millions come to Dubai from around the world consistently. Dubai receives a huge number of applications every year. Individuals set their foot in Dubai with the expectation of settling or exploring curiosity.  While it is a consistent interaction, there are times when the candidate might confront visa dismissal. Points that lead to rejection of a Dubai visa are:

  1. The application has insufficient information that is not factual or truthful.
  2. Application with less passport validity.
  3. The Dubai government isn’t lenient with laws framed for solo women passengers. Women under the age of 25 often receive rejected visa applications.
  4. Unclear or blurred passport-sized photos lead to difficulty in recognition.
  5. Handwritten passport applications are now obsolete. Their submission may lead to high chances of visa rejection.
  6. Previous extension of stay period in Dubai.

Eligibility checkboxes to apply for a Dubai visa

Passport officials ought to be notified of certain things before they can be sure about whether or not to issue a visa to an individual. Dubai is very cautious when sanctioning visas to ensure that no individual disrupts the working of their nations. While applying for a Dubai visa, you must clearly state the purpose of your visit, the duration, how you aspire to support yourself during your stay, the validity and the type of passport you hold, and your next travel destination.



Dubai is a splendid nation, home to several tourist attractions, including some renowned places like the Burj Khalifa, the underwater zoo, the Jumeirah mosque, and several unfathomable pleasures to the eyes. It is also the third most wealthy country in the world. Dubai offers its visitors several visas that best meet their needs. Every candidate must be well aware of the rules and regulations of the emirates before paying a visit. The emirates are very broad-minded and intellectual, but no kind of misbehaving is accepted. 

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