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Top reasons to visit Dubai in 2023

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Dubai has been announced to be the best visiting city in the world. And this has been developed due to the excellent luxury lifestyle facilities that have been provided by the government to the tourist visitors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The city has many attractions all across and if you've planned it all in your head to visit Dubai, then tap on to Dubai Visa Center to convert your dreams into your everyday realities.  

 Dubai city has got skyscraper buildings, shopping malls, desert places, and most luxury restaurants to visit. Due to the high offering lavishing style, Dubai has made it to the most traveled cities in the world! Such a change is really commendable and is only achieved after the perfectionist stage that Dubai has already achieved via the United Arab Emirates government.   


Dubai has begun to see a surge in inbound traffic as visitors traveled in to attend the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix earlier this weekend. Travelers are currently headed to Doha for football matches with Emirates. Along with that, the visa for Dubai is easily available checkout Dubai Visa Centerfor further updates on the Dubai visa. The upcoming United Arab Emirates National Day will also see a surge of outbound travel as United Arab Emirates residents, followed by the Christmas and New Year seasons.  


Tourists visiting Dubai are very much fond of exploring the city to their best, and hence cruise groups provide them with the most convenient way of traveling. Here is the most visited cruise list with their prices mentioned. Do visit them:   

  1. Dhow Cruise - Gives a glimpse of the historical side of the city. Price $40 to $50   
  2. Royal Yacht - The most preferred Luxury Yacht company in Dubai, Starting from $50- $185   
  3. Yacht Cruise - Weekly sailing rates are from 40,000 dollars- 100,000 dollars.  
  4. Dubai Marina Cruise - Price starts from $4083 to $27225 a day  
  5. See X Sea Cruise - Has an hourly rate of $272 per hour    
  6. Rikks Cruise- The prices are from $25- $37.  
  7. Xclusive Yacht - Price includes $285.  
  8. Alexandra Dhow Cruise - Starting from $45 per person and for children aged between 5 to 11, the prices are $28.  



"Having the dream is easy; making it come true is hard" You can regret many things, but you'll never regret being in Dubai. Enjoy the season of festivals in Dubai.  

  • Dubai Shopping Festival.   
  • Art Dubai.  
  • Dubai International Film Festival.  
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival.  
  • The Dubai Marathon.  
  • Dubai World Cup.  
  • Taste Of Dubai.  
  • Dubai International Boat Show.  
  • Eid ul Fitr/Eid ul Adha- The city's leading festival is the three-day celebration after an arduous month of fasting.  
  • New Year's Eve Fireworks – 1st January. The dawn of the Gregorian calendar year is celebrated in Dubai.   


Dubai is known to be the top skyscraper in the world's infrastructure. Many tourists visit Dubai for its highest advancement of technology as this helps in competition amongst other countries and is highly popular among vacation places for people across the country. The United Arab Emirates has made its own presence valuable recognition amongst other fellow countries, and this is why Dubai has become a tourist hub for citizens from neighboring countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and many more.   

The city is known for its tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which is 830m tall and is a skyscraper along with other buildings. Dubai is also famous for the Dubai Fountain, which is totally synchronized with the music and is present at the base of the Burj Khalifa. The United Arab Emirates has made it to world-class tourism with such a luxury lifestyle, and ever since the travel restrictions were reduced after Covid-19, Dubai city has seen a surge in tourism.   


Dubai has never settled for anything less than being at the top, which is highly observed in its infrastructure. Today, the oil-based economy of Dubai has completely shifted its focus to tourism and financial hub economies, which led to the recognition they have attained globally. Commitment to trade is their most prominent reason to succeed. Dubai has made its value across the globe through its infrastructure and excellent connectivity, shaping half of the city and building a rapport with other countries.  

 The architecture of Dubai presently is modernist architecture which is a valuable addition to the emirate's real estate and tourism landscape. This advanced technology has helped prevent human intervention, manpower expenses, and no corruption chances. The main reason for the expansion of technology is to attract global talent and traffic to its recognition and appreciation. Dubai has made its space in the world with its infrastructure, tax reforms, and better housing properties. 


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