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how to participate in dubai's youth festival

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Dubai Festival for Youth Music was the first Dubai launch on 24th November 2022 to ensure that the hidden gems who are highly talented in the art of music creation are given a platform for their talent expression and participation in the festival with their musical work. The music festival provides the citizens with a platform to express their talents with their musical potential, including singing, lyrical composition, instrument engagement and, most importantly, their performance amongst the massive amount of audience presence. 
The application for the registration form was opened for fewer days via the Dubai Culture website, provided that no citizen with extreme talent goes unseen and has unfinished struggles. 

Procedure for registration In Dubai 

Dubai lifestyle enables the factors such as luxury Dubai shopping centers and lavishing buildings because of which most of the citizens visit Dubai. The best part about the Youth Music festival is it has brought the charm back to the city and has prepared the citizens for a bashing Christmas and New Year Party. 
The procedures for registration for the Youth Music festival are simple: 

  • One must visit the Dubai culture website. 
  • You’ll have to be a resident of UAE, submit your documents 
  •  You can visit Dubai Visa Center for passport generation and renewals. 
  •  All participating musical works must be recorded and attached in the application form with quality and clarity while reregistration

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Music and its beautiful note-creation process 

Music is considered as one of the arts of the artist that bleeds within and reaches out to the audience with the same intensity as the musical notes that were created. Irrespective of the Dubai government has launched a great platform for every age group to show their performance and improve the areas that need improvement. The note-creation process in each piece of music is a special talent that musical artists are blessed with. And with experience and prpracticethey are the most refined artists that reredefinehe the country and bring certain heights to the recognition of the country. 
Music has got the popowero move you from your couch to dancing to the musical notes! And so has the Dubai Youth Music Festival made every citizen go crazy about music, and a large number of crowds wawerebserved for attending the same festival. 

Some important pointers to keep in mind 

Here’s what you should keep in mind while registering for the Youth Music Festival in Dubai

  • The age limit is from 15- 35 years old 
  • All participants in the festival should be local residents of the UAE country 
  • The duration of singing or playing should not exceed 5-10 minutes for a single musical act. 
  • The musical artworks created must be documented in the UAE (under intellectual property law) by the participant. 
  • Musical samples must be licensed by the producer of the work or the business owner. 
  • The Authority in charge of the festival, has the absolute right to accept and reject any musical work that is unworthy of this the festival of emirates of Dubai. 
  • No band or musical artist can participate in more than one musical work. 
  • All participating musical works must be recorded and attached to the application form with quality and clarity. 

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The festival of Youth Music was inaugurated with the opening of musical concerts by the participants with a huge crowd applauding and enjoying the musical nights in Dubai. This is added to the Dubai cultural activity in order to bring out the interest of the tourists to visit Dubai.  The majority of citizens were a part of the audience who was totally lost in the musical nodes where all one could capture was the artist's voice and the way of their instrumentation. This Dubai festival was launched to ensure the talent of music amongst the citizens doesn’t go unnoticed, and this is why awards have also been added to the festival. 
This type of cultural festival activities invites people to express their own talents and are often treated with pleasant presents to keep the citizens active in such activities happening in the cultural portions in various cities of the country. In order to visit Dubai city do tap over the website Dubai Visa Center and book your tickets today so that you don’t miss this amazing opportunity initiated by the UAE officials in the year 2022.

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