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dubai world pancake day

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Travelling to the Seven Wonders of the World will have everything that the world has to offer to you on a silver platter! This is the reason why the seven gem emirates, popularly known as UAE is the best destination to just about explore everything, be it the hidden treasure or the luxurious glory that resides in that country making you feel at the top of the world! Amongst the fests that UAE holds, Dubai happens to spark fireworks for all the dessert lovers out there, you must have heard about Dubai World Pancake Day.

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What is Dubai World Pancake Day?

Every year in Dubai, the date February 16 is celebrated for World Pancake Day! To get into the festivities of Dubai, you must try out these places for delicious pancakes:

List of pancake cafes for Dubai World Pancake Day:

COCOA ROOM: Nothing would beat the soft and fluffy Lotus Dream pancake at Cocoa Room with the morning pop-up found at the Slider Station. The American-style pancakes are served with Biscoff sauce, Lotus Cookie crumble, vanilla ice cream and coconut shavings to give you the best experience. This café is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and dessert lovers, the pancakes at Cocoa Room start from Dh32 to Dh58.

WESLODGE: Celebrate World Pancake Day in a Canadian style this year at the North American inspired Weslodge Saloon. You can book a table to dine with friends or family and receive a complimentary stack of Weslodge’s famous puffy and light stacked Canadian buttermilk pancakes to share with your loved ones. The pancakes are in maple syrup and stuffed with fresh caramelized fruits to give you the exquisite mouth fulling three-stack treat that is given a last touch up with a homemade vanilla scoop.

GAELES: Geales is mostly a quintessential British restaurant that hosts Pancake Day in a highly sleek and flipping style. Enjoy yourself with a live pancake cooking station on the charming terrace wherein you get the opportunity to create your own sweet or savoury pancakes from a selection of fillings. Whether you favour a traditional fluffy American pancake or prefer a lighter crepe, you will find all options of desserts here, the best haven for all the sugar-crazed people out there. If you are highly sweet-toothed, choose the Nutella and Maple Syrup and top up with fresh strawberries, bananas and other exotic fruits to make it much tastier. You can always find a selection of tempting fillings including spinach, cheese, mushroom and smoked salmon for changeable taste buds.

EGGSPECTATION: This restaurant has the wackiest and wild combinations, with all kinds of crazy pancakes. If you want to celebrate Pancake Day 2021, try out Eggspectation’s special breakfast mini pancake platter especially for 16th February. It is the perfect pancake to share, each family member or friend can flavour their own mini-pancakes as per their choice. You can even enjoy a grazing board for pancakes. These mini pancakes have multiple choices of sides and toppings. From whipped cream, maple syrup, and Nutella, to all kinds of fruits, this pancake platter is perfect!

CLINTON ST. BAKING COMPANY: Clinton St. Baking Company has an amazing roster of pancakes with a total of 14 different pancake flavours to compel you to keep coming back to this delicious place throughout the month. These varieties include Cherry cobbler Pancakes, Blueberry Streusel pancakes, Maple Pecan pancakes and so many more. You will Clinton St. Baking Company located in the City Walk.

BREAD STREET KITCHEN: Bread Street Kitchen marks Shrove Tuesday by serving three unique pancakes alongside all dishes that are priced at just Dh50. Diners at Bread Street Kitchen can either opt for zesty lemon and sugar pancakes topped with cooled lemon sorbet, decadent red velvet pancakes with seasonal berries and vanilla cream or triple chocolate ‘pancakes topped with chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies and chocolate ice cream. You can find this by heading down the Avenues at the Atlantis Hotel to enjoy the limited time delicious pancakes at Bread Street Kitchen.

MARKS & SPENCER: Marks & Spencer has launched a bigger-than-ever range of indulgent pancakes and toppings in its food court for customers celebrating Pancake Day. Besides that, Marks & Spencer will be offering you a 25 percent off on the brand’s pancake that was offered at the M&S Café in Dubai Festival City Mall for only one day. You will have a wide range of options starting from fluffy buttermilk pancakes or even ones flavoured with berries to citrus fruit flavour. Marks & Spencer’s Pancake Day offering also includes gluten-free options for those who avoid wheat due to any allergic issue and is therefore highly inclusive.

REFORM SOCIAL & GRILL: Reform Social & Grill serves a very special menu with five different flavours to choose from including Nutella stuffed pancake, Blueberry and buttermilk pancake with vanilla butter, Spiced apple and caramel pancake and many more flipping pancakes with the best grills. Pancakes here are priced at around Dh38.

KOKO BAY: This place offers two special pancakes for a limited time duration. It runs for 4 days, from February 16 to February 20, this is a highly popular beachfront restaurant and lounge that is located on West Beach, Palm Jumeirah. It also offers the Okonomiyaki - a savoury, Japanese pancake made with traditionally rich flavours, and a Coconut Pancake, for all the sweet tooth. Each variety of Okonomiyaki is topped off with creamy Japanese mayo and bull-dog sauce to elevate the special flavours of Japan’s most popular dish for all the Japanese lovers out there. To try out an equally delicious yet amazing alternative option, you can indulge in the Coconut pancake from Koko Bay’s breakfast menu which is soon to launch for all the pancake fans.

MCGETTIGAN’S: To satisfy your cravings, on February 16, McGettigan’s JLT, Madinat and DWTC venues offer a special stack of fluffy pancakes, served with mandarin orange butter sauce, fresh berries, and vanilla ice cream for as cheap as Dh45 only. This limited-edition dish will be available for everyone as part of the Kids Eat Free promotion. Children can also tuck into free pancakes from the allotted timings from 12 pm to 3 pm at McGettigan’s JLT and Madinat venues.

FUCHSIA URBAN THAI: Fuchsia Urban Thai is celebrating their love for all things sweet on World Pancake Day. Fuchsia Urban Thai will be serving a stack of coconut pancakes to all customers for Dh25 only. This café alone adds an amazing Thai twist, the pancakes are also sprinkled with coconut flakes and are accompanied with pandan custard that are very savoury. The sweet taste of Thailand is the perfect dessert to enjoy with all of your friends and loved ones after a spicy meal to enhance the sweetness.

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These are some of the best places to enjoy your Dubai World Pancake Day with your family!

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