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Frontline Workers During COVID-19. The Real Heroes

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More than 30,000 frontline heroes in UAE have received golden visas in appreciation for their work in defending the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Sheikh Sultan, Head of the Frontline Heroes Office's board of directors.
According to Sheikh Sultan, the Frontline Heroes Office will keep collaborating with important government agencies all around the nation to provide visas to deserving individuals who gave patients exceptional care during the pandemic. To carry out the leadership's instructions, the Office coordinates with the Federal Authority. It continues to grant golden visas to deserving Frontline Heroes who tirelessly protect UAE citizens in the event of an emergency. The local health authorities in each country nominated the recipients for the 10-year resident visa.
The president has received gratitude and appreciation from several Frontline Heroes for the visas, which they claim will significantly improve their social, professional, and family stability. Get your Dubai visa today through Dubai Visa Center.

Who's a Frontline Hero?

A frontline worker works in a healthcare facility and is involved in the Covid-19 pandemic's prevention and protection efforts, according to the Frontline Heroes Office, or FHO. Those who work in healthcare facilities, such as doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare specialists (such as respiratory therapists, lab technicians, and radiographers), as well as cleaning, housekeeping, waste clearance, and other exposed staff (such as security personnel, porters, caterers, administrative staff, and pharmacists), are eligible (deceased).

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Here's what a few of our Frontline Heroes said:

The president, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has received gratitude and admiration from several Frontline Heroes for the visas, which they claim would significantly improve their social, professional, and family stability. Dr Jamal, Head of Radiology at Tawam Hospital, said he extends his gratitude to the UAE leadership and government, as well as the Frontline Heroes Office, for this honour of granting them the golden visa, which provided them with great support and peace of mind."
"The UAE gave me the comfort I needed to continue working because they gave me all the support, consideration, and appreciation I needed while battling the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the extensive network of medical professionals who were at the front of helping the people of the UAE through it. I am appreciative that the government and leadership of the UAE granted us Frontline Heroes golden visas," said Dr Hala Abuzaid Ahmed Abuzaid, the director of the medical department and the surgical and medical intensive care units at Tawam Hospital.
Dr Ammar, Director of the Medical Department, said he extends his gratitude to UAE's leadership and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for this humanitarian initiative to grant them the golden visa in honour of their efforts," said. We now feel more stable because we may stay in the UAE as a token of appreciation. We now feel more stable because we may remain in the UAE as a token of appreciation.
In a joint statement with the Mayo Clinic, Ali, a nurse at Sheikh Shak bout Medical City, said: "I would want to convey my profound gratitude to the Frontline Heroes Office. The joy I experienced upon learning that I had been awarded the golden visa in appreciation for my efforts is beyond words".

All about UAE Golden Visa

The "Golden visa" is a long-term residence permit offered by the UAE that allows foreign nationals to dwell, work, or study there while also enjoying several special perks, such as:

  1. A six-month entry visa with repeated entries to proceed with the issuance of a resident permit.
  2. A lengthy, renewable residence permit that is good for five or ten years, with the benefit of not requiring sponsorship.
  3. The ability to stay outside the United Arab Emirates for longer than the typical six-month term to maintain the validity of their residence visa.
  4. The power to sponsor family members, such as wives and kids, regardless of age.

The option to sponsor an unlimited number of domestic servants and permit family members to remain in the UAE until the expiration of their visas.

  • Investors, business owners, startup founders, remarkable talent, scientists, experts across a range of industries, great students and recent graduates, humanitarian trailblazers, and frontline heroes are all given long-term visas.
  • The advantages of long-term visas will also apply to immediate family members. The age when a child can be sponsored by the holder of a Golden Visa or Green Residence visa has been raised from 18 to 25, and unmarried daughters have no age restriction. No matter their age, children of determination are given a residency permit.
  • With the introduction of the UAE Golden Visa residency program in 2019, foreigners can now live, work, and study in the UAE without needing a national sponsor and with full ownership of their company on the country's mainland.
  • With the revised regulations, it is now easier to qualify for 10-year visas because more people from a broader range of vocations will be able to apply for the Golden Visa.

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The granting of the Golden Visa has improved their "professional, family, and social stability, raised their morale and encouraged them to exert more effort and dedication to protecting the UAE community in times of emergency and crisis," according to the statement. They also expressed their satisfaction with the Frontline Heroes Office's initiatives to grant more frontline workers golden residency, which falls under the framework of ongoing support for frontline workers.

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