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Everything You Need to Know About a Dubai Tourist Visa

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Anyone wishing to visit the country can obtain various visas from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. Authorities only issue tourist visas for a certain amount of time; they may be considered a subtype of the Dubai Visit Visa. Those with a tourist visa are only permitted to engage in a certain number of activities in Dubai, which is more restricted than a visit visa. The many forms of tourist visas are listed below for your consideration:  

Tourist visa for Dubai valid for 14 days - As the name implies, this visa allows the bearer to stay in the United Arab Emirates for 14 days. It will enable busy people to holistically experience everything the city has in store. From the day they arrive in Dubai, visitors can stay there for 14 days. No travel is authorized subsequently to the visa's two-month validity period. 

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30-day tourist visa for Dubai 

This is for someone who wants to stay in Dubai for longer. The visa holder is permitted a 30-day stay and travel to other United Arab Emirates cities. The visa is only valid for 60 days after it is issued, after which it expires. The validity of this visa may be extended by up to 10 days under certain conditions. 

Fees for obtaining a visa to Dubai  

First, to obtain a legitimate travel visa, Indians must have a local sponsor. They may be friends or family members. When requesting a Dubai visa and looking for a local sponsor, it is best to contact your neighbourhood travel agency. 

Immigration laws in Dubai 

Immigration authorities at Dubai International are randomly eye-screening travellers as an additional security step. Visitors instructed to continue for eye screening must show a printed copy of their visa or a hard copy of their confirmation page for their visa number at the screening counter. If you don't currently possess a copy, there is a fee of AED 30 for each document, which must be paid in AED.  

Recruit in the UAE

Any of our ticketing facilities in the UAE will allow any family member or close relative to apply for a visa on your behalf. Please be aware that only UAE citizens are eligible for this service.  

Requesting a tourist visa to Dubai 


 It would be best to have a passport with a minimum six-month expiration date. If you submit an online Dubai visa application, you will require scans of your passport's first and last pages. Black and white copies of these scanned copies will not be accepted; colour copies are needed.  

Application form 

When applying for a visa to the UAE, you will be given an application form that must be filled out and returned. To ensure timely delivery, you should supply precise information.  


You must provide recent pictures with your application. Additionally, the image you provide must be older than six months. Please review the official regulations before uploading your photos. Finally, you must use coloured photos.  

Address of the applicant 

 Typically, this is not a question, but the government may need applicants' addresses in India in some circumstances.  

Travel document 

You must submit documentation that outlines your itinerary, a copy of your airline ticket, and your lodging arrangements. You must let the authorities know when your visit will expire.  

Financial history

Usually, this is not a question, but it might be helpful if a government official has questions about your financial stability. The government evaluates the applicant's ability to withstand inflation and national costs.  

Dubai's visa rules for Indians

Indian nationals may quickly get a visa for Dubai. To be eligible for a Dubai visa, an Indian traveller must possess a passport with a minimum validity of six months. An Electronic Travel Authorization, often known as an ETA, is required for any Indian travelling to Dubai and grants the traveller temporary rights.   

How do I apply online for a visa to Dubai? 

There are four ways for Indians to apply for a visa to Dubai: online, through an OTA (Online Travel Agency), at the Dubai Visa Processing Center, or in person. An online application for a Dubai tourist visa is available. And make your direct airline reservation with Emirates. 

  1. After selecting your visa category, you must fill out the required visa details and request a quote from your OTA.  
  2. Online visa applications for Dubai are available, and you may use Net Banking, a credit or debit card. 
  3. Make sure you carefully follow every instruction on the requirement page and upload every document listed there. After confirming that your papers are accurate and, if required, asking you to re-upload the theme, the OTA will send your application to the consulate.  
  4. You may check the progress of your e-visa online up until you receive it on your registered email address.  

The causes of visa rejection for Dubai

  1. Your visa application can be delayed or rejected if you're a female under 24 travelling alone since there may be indications of human trafficking.  
  2. Suppose you held a visa for your previous residence in the UAE and left the country without having the visa revoked. The Public Relations Officer must get its revocation before giving you a new tourist visa.  
  3. If the unreadable scanned copies of your passport lead the UAE immigration to reject or postpone your application for a Dubai visa.  
  4. Your application for a visa may be delayed or rejected if there are any errors in the name, passport number, date of birth, or issuance and expiration dates.  
  5. Suppose you have applied for a tourist visa to Dubai but have yet to utilize it. After then, before reapplying for a UAE visa, you must get it revoked by an OTA.  
  6. Suppose you've previously applied for a work visa via a firm in the UAE but have yet to utilize it. The PRO of the specific business must be terminated in this case before you may apply for a new Dubai visa. 

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14-day tourist visa for Dubai the holder of this visa may stay in the United Arab Emirates for 14 days. Compared to a visit visa, a tourist visa has more significant restrictions, including those on it only being allowed to conduct a limited number of activities in Dubai.   

30-day tourist visa for Dubai; this is intended for someone who wants to stay in Dubai longer. It allows for a 30-day stay, and the bearer of the ticket can the United Arab Emirates' other cities to visit. The visa is only valid for 60 days after it is issued, after which it expires. 


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