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places haunted in dubai you must visit

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Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers and world-class infrastructure, but this highly advanced and Modern city also hosts some places claimed to be "haunted " by locals and even tourists. Beyond the skyscrapers and the high-tech infrastructure, you can find some places that are still avoided by tourists and locals alike due to some haunting stories surrounding them.

If you have the guts to go to these places or if you think you are going to bust the myths surrounding these places then you should make a visit to these places.



Al Qasimi Palace

Remember the look of those huge palaces with unsettling back stories from the horror movies? This royal residence remains on similar grounds. The castle was fabricated lavishly and was once a significant piece of Dubai's sovereignty. 

Be that as it may, presently it stays as a spooky ruin. Local people express that on certain evenings they can hear or try and see kids peeping out of the windows of this generally quiet structure. It is one of the top ghostly places in Dubai.


Jumeirah is one of the most outstanding private localities for living. Nonetheless, a manor in Jumeirah is overlooked like the plague. Wonder why? The explanation is that it is accepted to be spooky both by local people and its past occupants. Individuals who have resided in the houses and, surprisingly, close by have heard the groans of a man and even cries of a child, scaring even the most valiant and brave spirits. 

One inhabitant has likewise guaranteed that a phantom took off her socks no less than multiple times during the evening. This was seen by her as well as by her flatmates. Presently, this manor has been vacant for quite a long time. Local people feel trepidation even passing this house as they accept that one of the phantoms can undoubtedly possess any bystander.

Al Khail Gate

Being one of the most feared haunted places in Dubai, this condominium is notorious for paranormal exercises that happened in certain rooms of the structure and falls under the flag of top haunted places in Dubai. 

A few individuals who resided there revealed that their possessions vanished in a peculiar way and were found at different places later on. The proprietors of the structure have put it down for support, however, the reality can't be rejected that three suicides had occurred in the structure. You will get to be familiar with the structure effectively from local people on your Dubai trip.


Al Jazira Al Hamrat

This phantom town, as it is called by local people, was once occupied by three clans. Afterwards, it became quite possibly the most deserted place in Dubai and became notorious for spooky exercises. 

On the off chance that you proceed to ask local people, they have numerous accounts to tell and will prompt you not to visit the spot, particularly after sunrise. The town is set apart by deserted homes and ghostly quietness. In any case, to proceed to observe some rush, visit this town which is situated at an hour's drive from Dubai.

Pan Emirates Tunnel

Each time an individual strolls down through the tunnel, it appears as though it's far and dim, which without help from anyone else provides you with some kind of expectation that something may be holding up toward the finish of that passage, or even something could out of nowhere show up from behind.

The Pan emirates burrow has a lot of stories and bits of hearsay surrounding it, a ton of travellers and guests have referenced that they encountered a paranormal action there which is the reason it stays one of the top haunted places in UAE.



Dubai is a travel destination for everyone, even for those looking to experience some supernatural experiences. While we cannot justify the authenticity of claims made about these places, we can definitely advise you to be a little more cautious while visiting these places.

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