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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), as you might know, is an Arab country made up of seven countries called emirates. The United African Emirates include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain.

It is always recommended to review your Dubai visa in advance to prevent disappointments during your trip to Dubai. And although each of them may issue a visa to visit any of the Emirate, Dubai is the most important country. With almost 17 million visitors per year, Dubai is the most famous emirate. You should know How to Verify Your Dubai Visa Online to know about your Dubai Visa's authenticity. So learn the detailed procedure of verifying your Dubai Visa.

Need to Verify your Dubai Visa

If you are still worried, why do we ask you first to check your visa to Dubai?

  1. The so-called electronic visa, otherwise called a paper visa, is issued by Dubai. Visas of this nature are written on a paper. In comparison, Dubai electronic visas do not have protection or standard, typically fixed inside an international passport. It's just a sheet of paper containing your visa and details. It has facilitated the Dubai visa to scam suspects for dishonest agents.
  2. Besides your visa information, other information is provided in Arabic, apart from your data written in English. The more justification you need to check that it is a legitimate visa, you don't understand Arabic.

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Limitations of Dubai Visa Checking Procedure

Before you read it too far, let's let you know that this blog post is most appropriate for the Dubai Visa verification.

Other emirates are also issuing UAE visas as you learned. Sharjah's Visa was also very popular. However, you can do a preliminary search before carrying out measures below to check for Dubai's visa. The issuing emirate will be shown on top of the visa.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

  1. Valid Email ID of the applicant.
  2. Passport size photograph of the applicant in the JPEG Format.
  3. Passport of the applicant with at least six months validity from the date of the travel.
  4. Copies of the return ticket of the Dubai Visa applicant.
  5. Hotel Bookings and other tour details.
  6. Valid Credit Card or Debit Card for the payment of Dubai Visa fee.
  7. Bank Statement of the applicant.
  8. Travel Insurance of the applicant.

Guide to How to Verify Dubai Visa Online Check

  1. Go to the Dubai Visa Center online portal or General directorate of residency and foreigners' affairs – Dubai website and click on the Verify Dubai Visa option on the top. You can also visit UAE Online Visa Government Website for checking the authenticity of your Dubai Visa.
  2. You must enter your permit number on the following section. The Arabic writing system needs to be written backwards. 
  3. Next is to enter your English first name. You need to enter your name here as it is on your visa. Do not include your family name. 
  4. Choose your gender
  5. Enter the date you were born. The calendar icon is best used to choose your birth date.
  6. Choose your country
  7. In the box below the code enter the security code. You have to pay attention here so that you don't have to start over when entering the wrong code. If the code shown is not visible enough, click on a small icon next to the code to change the code. Up to a visible one, you can keep refreshing the code.
  8. Click on submission now.

If your visa is valid, the status, duration of validities and expiry of the visa will be indicated after applying for the visa. Otherwise, the visa is invalid; you'll get an error message.

Tips You can Use Prevent Yourself From Getting Fake Dubai Visa

Using trustworthy travel companies' services: Reputable companies such as Dubai Visa Center are experts on visas. If you go through those organizations, you have no chance of being fooled. They have there official online website for Dubai Visa where you can check all the necessary details about your Dubai Visa.    

Check reputation and history of the Company: If you go through a non-advisable agent, check their reputation and background thoroughly, because the agents are responsible in most fake Visa cases.

Don't go for the Advertisement on Social Media: You can find many people on social media platforms who are publicizing very cheap Dubai visas, but they are not. You can do queries about them. You can get a better image for them on Google and other trustworthy sites.

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Final Words

As long as Dubai's visa remains a paper visa, the visa for Dubai will still be a false visa. But it's best to check if your visa is genuine to prevent waste of money and embarrassment. These steps should guard you against heartburn. So as you know How to Verify Dubai Visa Online, now you can get your Dubai Visa from Dubai Visa Center as they give the best visa service and provide the authentic Dubai Visa.

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