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what is the coronavirus impact on dubai tourism

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Everything being it schools, offices, colleges, businesses, tourism, etc. has been affected because of the deadly virus Corona Virus also known as Covid-19. The first case worldwide of covid was found in china in 2019 since then every country has suffered. People are being forced to be in their houses to control the spread of the virus. Due to which tourism of any country has been affected. Coronavirus's impact on Dubai tourism is a great example of that. Dubai's place of beautiful architecture and natural beauty has always attracted hearts. We need a visa to visit every country click here to apply for the Dubai visa and check your visa status also acceptance rate is also mentioned.

COVID Impact on Dubai 

Dubai is one of the world’s leading vaccination drives and taking rapid actions to protect the well-being of its residents and visitors. Although tourism worldwide was closed Dubai announced a reopening for international visitors in June 2020. With the second wave of covid Dubai has reported 26,072 positive cases from April 23 to May 3 per day approximately 1000 plus cases are reported but there is no guideline till now about tourism. World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) endorsed Dubai as the safest city to visit in the world .other than that still some precautions are needed to be taken care of by tourists.


In 2019 More than 2.3 million visitors visited Dubai as the main purpose of travel, marking 2% more than in 2018 since a quarantine was introduced visitors have to be at their places which resulted in the cancellation of flights and hotels. From the graph it can be noticed that occupancy decreased approximately by 20% in the negative, the average rate was down by approximately 5% in the negative whereas revenue per available room was down by approximately 20% in the negative this data is with respect to February and beginning of March.

Due to the downfall of hotels not only was the owner or economy got affected but many employees lost their jobs. The hiring of staff members was less during covid. From the given graph I can be observed that select-service hotel which provides services according to the need of a person preferably comes under three-star was impacted by 13 per cent, full services hotel which comes under five-stars, hotels which provides all services to the visitor like breakfast, pool, taxi, etc. were affected by 36 per cent way more than select-service hotels. Whereas resort hotel which is somewhat like a villa was down by 85 per cent. Resorts had a great impact on coronavirus in Dubai.

Not only hotels suffered during the pandemic but tourist places and malls also faced difficulties during the pandemic. Everything in this world needs to be maintained to shine and for long life for being human, animals or infrastructures, for maintenance of infrastructure main source of maintenance income is tourist by tickets they buy or goods they purchase things are maintained. During a pandemic when fewer visitors visited the place income for maintenance was from the pocket of the owner and government through which they had the financial crisis. Due to financial crisis, the person gets into mental health troubles which leads some of them to take the wrong step which is suicide. During that time when the country was already losing a huge amount of citizens due to the virus, suicide played plus factor in the death rate which results in the low economy of the city.


During a pandemic with a lot of crises, the government helped millions of citizens. They started giving laptops and books to the students who are not financially stable so that they can learn without any issues during the pandemic. Also, they took care that children do not feel out to parents by assuring their education.
Apart from helping in education, they have given more than 10 million meals to families who can’t afford it during a hard time; they ensure that no one would ever sleep empty stomach during this tough time.

Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa tallest tower in the world has been representing many things as a symbol of respect for many years now. It is also a main attraction of visitors and also displayed 1.2 million meals donated as a symbol of respect and to give courage to everyone. On 15 August Burj Khalifa lighted up the Indian flag to support India from the COVID crisis. Which attracted many people and got much affection from everyone around the world

Most of the Dubai's GDP around 95 per cent is non-oil based of which around 20 per cent is from the tourism industry. The impact of coronavirus on Dubai tourism was very much as for many people a source of income was tourism whether they own any place or working as a guide or as maintenance figure.


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