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everything you need to know about a dubai job seeker visa in 2024

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Dubai is a hub of high-paying corporate avenues. With the emergence of an unbelievable number of SMEs, startups, and multinational corporations in the country, it is the right time to grab this golden opportunity and find a job in Dubai. 

In this article, we’ll look at the job seeker visa in Dubai, all its advantages, why you need to apply for it, and how you can submit an application for this visa.

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Dubai Job Seeker Visa - An Introduction

The name, job seeker visa, speaks everything about its purpose. It is a legal permit that allows a foreign individual to visit Dubai and seek employment in the country. 


  • It is valid for 60 days from the date of approval i.e. you must use it within 60 days or it will lose its validity. 
  • It is a short-term visa offering a stay validity of 90 days i.e. 3 months, in which you can search for and finalize your dream job in the country. 

Post-Finalization Process

If you are successful in getting a job in Dubai on a job seeker visa, the holder needs to exit the country immediately. The next step is to apply for a Dubai employment visa (as you are no longer a job seeker but a foreign employee working in Dubai). The majority part of the process of your employment visa will be handled by the employer. 

Dubai Job Seeker Visa Requirements

The process of applying for a job seeker visa for Dubai is completely online, which means that you need to get scanned copies of every document to proceed with your visa process. Moreover, this adds a few more things to the basic requirements such as a working laptop, a stable internet connection, and a debit or credit card to make visa fee payments online.

Apart from the basic requirements, here are the documents that you need to submit online to start your job seeker visa process.

  1. A scanned copy of the first and last page of the applicant’s original passport
  2. A passport-size photograph with a clearly visible face

Clearly, the process of getting a job seeker visa is extremely simple and can be applied for in less than 10 minutes

Once you’ve filled a Dubai job seeker visa application form online through Dubai Visa Center and your visa fee payment is successful, our experts will assist you with the further process to get your visa approved.

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Job Seeker Visa Application Process

If you’re planning to look for a job in Dubai, you can get your job seeker visa by connecting with the team at the Dubai Visa Center. We are an industry-ruling Dubai visa consultancy firm working with the moto to make the visa process a doodle for you. 500k+ applicants got their visas approved through our website. We proudly say that our rejection rate is 0%, which is the clear reason behind the kind of love we receive from our clients from all around the globe. 

Dubai Job Seeker Visa Extension - The New Rule

Recently, the government of the UAE announced a new law for those ex-pats whose job seeker visa has expired or is about to get expired in Dubai. According to this rule, these foreign individuals will be issued a new type of visa, known as the UAE temporary visa, which will allow them to continue seeking employment in the country for another 6 months. 

This option is given to foreign nationals who have been staying in Dubai illegally i.e. on an expired visa to improve their visa status within the validity of this temporary visa. 

How to Get Your Job Seeker Visa Extended?

If your job seeker visa has expired in Dubai, you need to submit a set of documents to get a new visa issued. Here is the list of documents to be submitted. 

  1. Your valid original passport
  2. Passport-size photos
  3. A copy of your job seeker visa along with the status i.e. if it is expired or not
  4. An application fee of AED 650

How to Apply for Extension

Those staying in Dubai can apply for a UAE temporary visa by visiting a TASHEEL Center. You can also visit the immigration centre in Al Manara, Al Twar, or Al Jafiliya. Make sure to carry all the above-listed documents with you to submit an application. This may take up to 3 days for processing and approval. 

You can also contact us for any queries regarding your job seeker visa or getting a UAE temporary visa to continue searching for jobs in the country. 

The Final Words

A job seeker visa can actually prove to be a great investment for those who are planning to settle in Dubai by obtaining an employment visa. We hope that this article succeeded in explaining to you everything about a job seeker visa and you can now begin your visa process without any hesitation!


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