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top careers to pursue in dubai

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Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Dubai has observed a steep rise in the number of MNCs, startups, and SMEs emerging in the country, and clearly, this has opened new portals for those planning to make a career in Dubai. Companies from all around the globe visit the country in search of competent fresh talent, which makes it extremely crucial to understand the skills demanded by these companies and plan accordingly. 

This article enumerates some of the best careers that can be pursued in Dubai in 2022. 

Trending Career Options in Dubai

The UAE’s economy is recovering from the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employment opportunities are increasing day by day in the country, making it the perfect time to scout for a private job or a government job in Dubai for foreign nationals. 

Here are a few sought-after jobs that you can consider in Dubai. 

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting is an inevitable sector as businesses demand a streamlined financial architecture that helps them set targets and cut costs. Moreover, the demand for finance and accounting professionals is quite high among SMEs and startups.  

Here are a few roles that you can go for in Dubai.

  • Management Accountants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Treasury Director
  • Head of Internal Audit

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Security Management and Analysis 

Another career option that can fetch you handsome pay is security management and analysis. Since businesses are transitioning towards a digital management system, there is a constant concern about managing and improving data security as leakage of this data can prove to be a nightmare for the enterprise. Thus, security management and analysis professionals are in high demand these days in Dubai.

Here are a few security management and analysis jobs in Dubai that you can consider.

  • Risk Managers
  • Cyber Security Architects
  • Security Analysts

HR and Recruitment

In this digitalized world, a field that will always be manual is talent acquisition and human resource management and thus, a strong educational background in this field can prove to be a turning point for your career. 

Here are a few reasons that make HR and recruitment a worth-it sector to make your career.

  1. Dubai keeps on altering and upgrading its labor laws, making the professional environment quite dynamic. This has led to a rampant increase in the demand for professionals who excel in understanding these legal changes and make the working environment less turbulent. 
  2. Finding the right fit for the job is among the most crucial tasks that every organization has to perform and thus, a qualified individual is needed who can perform this job.
  3. Performing activities like maintaining employees’ work-life balance, work culture, achievements, and performance of the employees. 

Here are a few trending HR jobs in the UAE.

  • HR Managers
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists
  • HR Business Partners

Legal Consultancy

Dubai is known for having an efficient legal system that manages the corporate and social aspects of its citizens. And with the coming up of newer business every passing day, the country is broadening its legal horizons, which has increased the demand for legal professionals who can handle disputes fluently. 

You can consider going for the following legal roles in Dubai.

  • Legal Counsel
  • Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal

Artificial Intelligence 

Another field that demands a dramatic number of individuals in Dubai is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). With improvements in technology, businesses are now moving towards systems that can interpret data and provide a better user experience to the customers. Therefore, going for a good AI ML qualification can prove to be a worthy decision. 

Software Development 

Software development is the most affected field due to the digitalization of the corporate world. Since businesses (including SMEs and startups) are shifting to a digital environment or a virtual selling platform, the need for services like tailored software development, full-stack web development, app development, cyber security, IT project management, and cloud management has risen by a surprising extent. If you too are from a technical background, you should surely opt for one of the best software development jobs in Dubai.

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How to Work in Dubai

Every foreign national has to obtain a valid Dubai employment visa to work in Dubai. However, if you’re planning to enroll in a course in Dubai, you’ll need a student visa. 

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The Final Verdict

There is no better place than the UAE to make your career shine bright and stand out in public. You should not hesitate to apply for a Dubai visa and start a career that changes your life!


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