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Everything About Korea: Cubically Imagined in Dubai

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The interactive art exhibit highlights the best of Korean culture, including BTS, Parasite, and other K-art. From November 16 to December 3, the Art Centre is hosting a Hallyu content exhibition in Dubai where you can fully immerse yourself in Korean culture. Watch a 3D virtual reality performance by the pop group BTS and memorable scenes from Bong Joon Ho's multi-award-winning film Parasite.
Experience the nation's traditions, K-pop, and K-film culture during this two-week showcase. View stunning audio-visual works using stereoscopic sound and lighting on three-sided LED screens, including Dynamic Seoul, Beach Aurora, Waterfall Sand, and Peonies. Between November 18 and December 3, visitors should know that the exhibition closes for a brief break from 4-5 pm.

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  • There is no cost or need to make a reservation for this exhibition. To view the exhibition, you must visit the location. Before you arrive at the exhibition, please confirm the opening times.
  • The number of people who can experience the BTS and Parasite contents is limited, and they will be made available in the order of arrival. Please be aware that if you are on time, you may be able to view the BTS and Parasite contents.

With 20 installations, the exhibition offers diverse experiences that propose new cultural narratives that transcend the boundaries between past and future, tradition and innovation. The immersive environments of the exhibition invite visitors to explore highlights of Korean culture through art, design, music, film, and more, all while utilizing digital technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, video mapping projection, and other interactive media.

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  1. BTS - A portion of BTS's concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LAS VEGAS from 2022 has been converted into realistic content for this exhibition. People can immerse themselves in this surreal concert-like experience thanks to 3-dimensional visuals, concert sound, and lighting.
  2. PARASITE VR - Through this exhibition, EVR Studio's director Bryan Ku presents a VR version of the film Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-Ho. Virtual reality content transcends time and space and reveals hidden metaphors in the film through surrealistic visual language.
  3. Dynamic Seoul - Our Seoul is constantly on the move. Meet our energy and daily lives, which remain strong in the face of any crisis.
  4. Playa – Aurora- Unending Surreal Beach - Enter a mysterious realm, a beach that stretches endlessly through mirrors using only sounds and visuals, a sea perfectly created by multimedia effects—the contrast between the aurora borealis (northern lights) and the powerful sea waves. Enter a magical world where calm auroras (northern lights) meet crashing ocean waves.
  5. WATERFALL – SAND- The magnificent media waterfall continues indefinitely. Experience the surreal environment created by an 8-meter-high waterfall in motion.
  6. Peonies- During the Joseon Dynasty, peonies were one of the most popular flowers used to decorate royal objects to symbolize the authority and status of the royal family. Morando Byeongpoong (Peonies folding screen) was an essential item used in both auspicious and funeral rituals.
  7. The exhibition consists of two wedding robes in the centre and an entire wall covered in media art in which various patterns are depicted as if they are flowing down through the bridal robes.
  8. Enter the Wind- Interpreting the invisible wind as a painter of nature and visualizing it from an artistic standpoint. It also offers a novel experience through multi-sensory space, creating the sensation of being inside the canvas of the wind.
  9. Be Driven by the Wind- The wind changes with the seasons, the location, and the passage of time. The project is about the 'Jeju wind,' which drives stressed-out modern people. The shape and movement of the wind in Jeju were visually represented using hyper-realistic expression and digital technology.
  10. Climbing Mt.Geumgang- Mt. Geumgang is one of Korea's most popular tourist destinations. Climbing Mt. Geumgang incorporates motifs from many Late Joseon Period true-view landscape paintings (17th - 19th century). On a relaxing and rejuvenating sightseeing trip, you can now enjoy the four seasons of Mt. Geumgang.


The exhibition utilizes virtual reality to immerse people in vivid Korean art and pop culture — with a couple of snags. Korea: Cubically Imagined is an interactive exhibition that combines Korean art and pop culture with cutting-edge technology. Virtual reality and cutting-edge projections steal the spotlight. The show covers a wide range of topics, including animated paintings and a VR experience of a BTS concert. Some of the more exciting works in the exhibition make use of Virtual reality headsets to create fully immersive experiences.
In the Gray by artist collaboration, ROOMTONE transports viewers to a bizarre dream world where interacting with items is never as it appears. Valve's Indexing headset and controllers were used in both In the Gray and the 360º BTS concert experience.

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'Korea: Cubically imagined' was a big success at Dubai. The exhibition included several technological aspects such as use Of Virtual Reality (VR) was made to showcase Korean art and pop culture interestingly. Apart from that numerous other events took place to make the exhibition seem creative and amazing. Mall Of the Emirates being the host of the exhibition attracted thousands of people. If you are a tech-enthusiast or a person who loves to explore different things then 'Korea: Cubically imagined' is for you. Don’t miss the chance to attend this splendid exhibition.
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