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Visit to Dubai for two days

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Everything about Dubai is so captivating and surprising that there are many ways to entertain oneself. The wonderful city of the United Arab Emirates is also known for providing tourists worldwide with unforgettable memories and experiences. Dubai has a fantastic blend of old and new, resulting in various things to explore in the United Arab Emirates.

How to visit Dubai for two days?

To visit the most fantastic city, one must apply for a tourist or transit visa to Dubai to explore Dubai to the fullest of all. You can book your Dubai visa from the most affordable and trusted site. Dubai is known for its creativity. Tourists can do a lot of fun activities in artificial islands, the tallest structures the Dubai city, along with exploring the Desert Safari.


Best adventures in Dubai

Many things can be explored in Dubai, ranging from Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Marina, the world's tallest structure and artificial islands. Here is a list of the top adventure activities in Dubai to help you with the best adventures in Dubai. If you're considering visiting Dubai, this list is so much helpful:

  1. Flyboarding- Also known as hydro flying, one must experience it at least once. The aid of a water propulsion system is combined with the design attached and hence high experience of the landscape of Dubai city. This activity should be experienced during the winter season.
  2. Dune bashing- You must add dune bashing to your Dubai trip. One of the most adventurous fun activities in Dubai city. Exceptionally done by family persons and is considered a top family adventure in Dubai.
  3. Sandboarding- To participate in this sport of sandboarding, the qualification should be 13 years of age. And this is a fun activity in Dubai city.
  4. Skydiving- One of the unique activities in Dubai is skydiving, jumping from extremely high heights; this activity provides the perfect view of the top sky-scrappers of Dubai attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.
  5. Bungee Jumping- Jumping from a great height with the help of professional support will make you feel comfortable and have some of the best days of your life in Dubai city. Alternatively, tandem jumping can also be done if the height scares you worst.
  6. Shark diving- It happens in Dubai mall, the world's largest mall from across the globe, giving the tourist all the thrill within an aquarium, diving between the sharks and other marine species. The minimum limit to do this activity is ten years or older. Most adventurous activity in Dubai.

Since we are talking about only a two-day friendly trip, here is a small attempt to help you plan your Dubai tour based on sorting out the best exciting and fun activities in Dubai.



So, whatever the best time to visit is determined by your interests in the places you want to visit in Dubai. Dubai is always observed as the ideal city to see for tourist attractions places due to record-breaking infrastructural investments in the United Arab Emirates country. Consider the points mentioned above to enjoy your two days trip to Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, it's difficult for tourists to explore Dubai in two days, but the major top activities of Dubai city can be experienced easily.

Yes, you can avail of an immediate visa for Dubai; however, urgent Dubai visa charges will be applicable.

Deep Dive Dubai costs around 135 AED TO 400 AED per person.

Yes, one can visit M2L Market for free. However, you'll have to pay the prices if you want to purchase something.

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