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The city is a playground for rich people and a great venue if you have a money eagle and love a patriarchal society already. There are a lot of things to do during your time in Dubai: from simply visiting the beach and swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Persia to real skiing in the only real ski resort in the Middle East. In this article, we have listed some of the leisure activities in Dubai that you can enjoy performing.

You can 'come into a style' for party lovers in a dynamic stretch of the limo and get drunk in a different upmarket space every night and don't see the same spot twice throughout the year, sober or wearing beer gloves. You can afford more than Dhs20 to eat and drink at the upscale wine bar, while elsewhere, you can eat and drink at the Dhs65 restaurant.


Top Leisure Activities in Dubai

Hip city

Dubai was considered the most important place on the planet at the end of 2005. Indeed, Dubai has been regarded as the most trendy holiday destination for the wealthy and famous by a report from

Dubai offers everything to those who love luxurious lifestyles and unconscious, gaudy opulence. It is a great place to entertain and enjoy, especially in the colder winter months for the holidaymaker. For those who are happy enough to enjoy a two-day weekend, it offers the same facilities for Dubai residents too.

On Fridays, the people of Grassland can often relax in the middle of a roundabout, often ignoring traffic passage. 'Jumeirah Janes' – the lucky ladies launchers – can spy over late morning tea or lunch in Gerrard's or Magrudy's Centre while their husbands are earning enough money to repay the debt of the Third World (there are nearly 60,000 millionaires in the UAE).

But according to the Happy Planet Index, the quality of life experienced by the residents of the UAE, which was poor in 154, should be of great concern for the evaluation of the environmental impact and the human wellbeing that "relates the relative success or failure of countries to promote a good life for our citizens and the environmental resource limits on our life."


Unfortunately, in most of the people of this country, dogs and cats are unpopular in the UAE, even if the Arab desert dog Saluki is a traditional creature next to the camel, Arab horse, and falcon. There is a lot of knowledge to teach that the dogs are unclean, and black dogs are especially evil, which may be why children sometimes throw their dogs and cats on their owners.

Dubai is not intended for dogs, and in fact, it may seem to be working against canines and its owners: working hour, hot weather, negative attitudes, and limited safe places for the better, all conspiring against you; actually, it is illegal to unleash a dog in a public place, but the law is rarely enforced (but luckily in this case), like many other laws in Dubai.

The Islamic Shariah and UAE laws prohibit cruelty against animals. The UAE Penal Code states that anyone who kills, tortures, tortures, or cruelly beats or deprives animals of the food, drink, or supplies needed to be maliciously and deliberately will receive up to one year in prison or a fine of Dhs.

Every year, dogs and cats must be vaccinated and registered with the municipality of Dubai and wear the ID tag or have one of their eyes lopped off when cats are caught. If otherwise, they will be regarded as streets if found walking the streets.



The birds at the Ra Al-Khor shrine at the top of the Creek and adjacent to the Al Khail Road can be enjoyed by twitchers, particularly during the migration processes of autumn and spring. Three hides are designed for visitors, including flamingos, storks, egrets, sandpipers, eagles, harriers, osprey, and oystercatchers. This fragile ecosystem with its mangrove wetlands is currently under construction in both Dubai Business Bay and The Lagoons.

The Ramsar Convention, a Treaty signed in 1971 to preserve marshlands, could possibly be accredited as an internationally-recognized and protected wetland. In order to promote biodiversity and the environment, the Dubai municipality intends to invest ten million DHS in the construction of a visitor center in Ra's al-Khor. By the end of 2007, the center is expected to be ready.


Dubai has a host of parks and gardens at the foot of high-rise buildings. Enclaves of greenery. It should be noted, however, that dogs are not allowed in these public areas.

The Safa Park opened in 1975 and is located between Sheik Zayed Road and Al Wasl Road, one of the most established and favored residents in Dubai. Some 64 acres of grassy areas, trees, and shrubbery offer open spaces for football and retreat. A waterfall, a lake with boats to rent, and children's playgrounds are all available.

Za'abeel Park opened at the end of 2005, is one of Dubai's newest parks. In the background, the high elevations of Sheik Zayed Road include a cricket terrain, mega bowl, amphitheater, exhibition halls, boating facilities, a restaurant, and a bbq bar and mini-golf. As its name implies, the 96-hectare Creekside Park is located about 2.5 kilometers by the Creek. It offers an amphitheater, cordless cars, a mini 18-hole golf course, restaurants, and botanic gardens, and an oasis among the sand dunes of 124 hectares of Mushrif Park, situated inland in Dubai's suburb of Mirdif. It includes children's play areas, separate men's and women's swimming pools, and lakes. The International Garden Area, with its miniature buildings from all over the world, is one of its unique features.

So these are some of the great Leisure Activities in Dubai that you can enjoy and have fun. You will require a Dubai Visa to visit the nation and do these activities. You can avail your visa at Dubai Visa Center and have fun doing these activities.

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