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Eat enjoy and explore at M2L market Dubai

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The M2L Market, which is operated in partnership with Gate Avenue DIFC, is the best example of street food, retail, art, entertainment and lifestyle collaboration in Dubai. M2L Market boosts businesses by expressing their stories through interesting interactions and lasting connections by mixing creativity and culture. Due to its abundance of events, gastronomic alternatives, and creative businesses, M2L Market is a favourite among entrepreneurs, trendsetters, families, and innovators. 

The pop-up, which stands for "My Second Life," urges people to take advantage of the changing seasons by going outside with their families for a fun-filled day of discovery at this outdoor fiesta.  


There is something for everyone, from a weekend farmers market to daily activities for kids and a variety of food alternatives. Discover a perfect fusion of creativity and culture here as you browse curated artworks and sample flavours from around the world at restaurants open for a short period.  

M2L will compel visitors to take a break from routine daily activities and explore other cultures and cuisines. We can't help but become excited about spending time outside once the summer's heat and lovely air have passed. Visitors are invited to M2L Market and Gate Avenue's fantastic collaboration of dining, shopping, entertainment, art, and lifestyle. M2L Market, which connects creativity and culture, elevates companies by communicating their stories via engaging experiences and genuine connections, and this event won't be any different. The six-month M2L Market at the well-known lifestyle destination offers a lot of the best experiences for business owners, trendsetters, families, and creators.  

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All about the Founders of M2L  

M2L Concepts, a member of the Ayana Holding group of companies, was co-founded by Hamid Kerayechian, who also serves as its CEO and founding partner. Hamid moved to Dubai from Southern California in 2008 and, over the course of his career, worked for some of the most significant corporations in the world. Hamid is motivated by an innate sense of bravery, integrity, and ingenuity – attributes he injects into all of his enterprises, initiatives, and developments. He has over 17 years of substantial expertise in the luxury development industry. Hamid gives his businesses a spirit of ambition, progress, and enterprise, which has allowed him to compile a portfolio of the most esteemed international firms.  

He takes great delight in leading teams of highly driven and experienced individuals that are instrumental in the growth, development, and completion of the excellent projects and businesses that make up Ayana Holding. He is an energizing and engaging leader. According to Hamid, open and exploratory interactions with all stakeholders improve each project's quality and authenticity. He claims that "collective creativity strengthens each endeavour, resulting in strong and distinctive solutions. Our innovative techniques inspire international businesses to collaborate with us as we develop and polish concepts for challenging surroundings of all kinds. Hamid received a Master's in Engineering from the University of South California.  

Ayana Holding - Creator of M2L   

At Ayana Holding, our main goal is to create a global network of strong corporations. We have the resources, global capacity, and expertise to continuously transcend borders, boundaries, and benchmarks, leading to high-growth businesses that disrupt industries and have a significant impact on the world. This is possible thanks to our strong financial, operational, and strategic experience, as well as our extensive network. Since our start, we have grown into a multi-million-dollar network of businesses with a track record of success navigating across diverse, changing, and complex markets, positioning us at the forefront of innovation.  

Ayana Holding has developed master plans for residential, commercial, and mixed-use land development for Dubai and other regions in the UAE.  

The newest outdoor destination in Dubai, M2L Market, which is situated at Gate Avenue in Zone B of the DIFC, officially opened on Friday. It will remain open through the end of March 2023. There are several family-friendly activities available at the Market, which has a four-concept pavilion. The eSports pavilion has gaming stations for players of all ages, while parents and their kids can make their own pizza at Wrkbay. The Art Lab hosts artists, art workshops, and exhibitions. Additionally, a Creative Hub has areas that can be used for selfies on Instagram.  

Live performances  

Enjoy live performances each week, which include open mics, acoustic performances, stand-up comedy, and extra on Saturdays and Sundays. Attend an eSports panel with Lucy Chow, someone who specializes in the innovation sector and works as an investor in addition to a supporter of founders. Live music and further family-pleasant activities may be to be had on the M2L Market. HipHop Cardio will conduct a dance competition and invite an expert dancer from overseas to serve as a visitor judge. The weekends may include also characteristic of exhibitions of artwork collections.   

A joy for foodies everywhere!  

With food trucks serving a variety of international cuisines, M2L Market is a foodie's paradise. Enjoy local-style chicken that is fresh and locally sourced from The Roost, broths that are freshly produced and infused with flavorful, natural, and healthy ingredients from the Broth Lab, and slow-cooked meat at SMK - Smoked Meat Kitchen, which serves American burgers and steaks. Then there is El & N Café, where you can eat delicious food, drink delicious beverages, and nourish your soul in a beautiful setting; try speciality smokehouse, Local Fire's delicacies with meat seasoned and smoked in their signature method in a special smoking facility; or get a burger or sandwich from Burger 28.  

Get your hands on Al Farooj Shawarma, Churros, StrEat Fries, Dutch cookies from Royal Stroopwafel, speciality coffees from Boss Café, and mouthwatering grilled, fresh burgers from Smoke for quick and delectable street food. The first authentic Italian gelato in Dubai is made by Cento% Gelato, and House of Pops offers plant-based fruit pops because desserts are never enough.

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Because of establishments like Local Fire, Smoked Meat Kitchen, El & N Café, Burger 28, House of Pops, etc., M2L Market is a foodie's heaven. The Market is heavily influenced by international shops, including the clothing lines Wasted Youth and Ahmed Al Maghribi's Perfumes.  

In addition, live entertainment is available throughout the week, including open mic nights, stand-up comedy, music festivals, dancing competitions, and challenging workouts.  

On weekdays, the events are open from 4 p.m. to midnight, and on weekends, they are open from 12 p.m. to midnight. Certain activities are subject to fees.  

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