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explore the 5 incredible experience you must have in dubai

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Dubai's a beautiful place. An amazingly modern and reassuringly familiar cultural blend is a heaven for luxury lovers. In this article, we have jotted down 5 incredible experiences you can have in Dubai.

Dubai has many nice, gorgeous hotels, such as the Hotel Atlantis Palm and the hotel Jumeirah Beach, and the afternoon tea in one of those hotels is one thing you can do in Dubai.

The most iconic of all of us, the Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world. It sits on an artificial island in the heart of the sea, the only '7-star' hotel in the country. The architecture of the hotel is designed to imitate the sails of a ship, and it's a splendid hotel with a butler, 24-carat gold pillars and dances.

Dainty pastries, mini sandwiches, warm scones and champagne have been poured out "just so," so that these bubbles go up to the middle of the bottle and make you never miss this luxurious experience. 

The Burj Khalifa, the world's highest structure, is an impressive proposal on the skyline of Dubai. It is almost three times higher than the Eiffel Tower at over 829 m. When you stand overlooking Dubai, it seems so unreal with a glance over the little houses.

See the sun go down 4 442 metres in the Environment lounge and drink a fruity cocktail for a real luxury experience. Foodies will eat at the restaurant Jerome Lagarde, an iconic Chef with Michelin's stars in his illustrious career.

Dubai is a mecca for shopping, with the world's two most prominent shopping centres - The Emirates Mall, and The Dubai Mall, as well as the traditional souks and markets where merchants and customers trade at the best cost.

With over 700 supermarket stores, the mall of the emirate is a shopping paradise with premium brands as well as high street shops. There are more than 90 dining spots and a complex with various screens and movies, too. If you're peckish, even skiing can be achieved! Yes, at the indoor ski resort you can. The Dubai Mall with the Dubai Aquarium, an iced drink, cafes, the Republic of Sega and various restaurants are one of the great shopping centres.

For a more conventional experience, travel towards the souks for a colourful, sensual experience. Each shop has exquisite jewellery racks, and precious stones in the gold souk and the smells are unbelievable in the perfume and spice souks. You can also make for yourself a suit or dress in the textile souk there and there.

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Try an organised excursion to camp for a real Arab adventure as a Bedouin for a more authentic, camel-packed trip. There are also fewer romantic things than to sit on the beach and gaze at the stars next to your beloved. This is a humiliating feeling when you know that you are an unnecessary member of the world.

Why not go dune in the desert with the most daring of you? You are covered from rolling cages and safety harnesses when riding up and down the dunes in 4 by 4, but it is also an exhilarating experience.

Atlantis Aquaventure: The Palm Hotel is a family amusement park. For the thrill junkies of you, try a trip called Leap Of Faith, which lurks you almost vertically through a transparent slide of sharks around a slide in the water below at high speeds!

The lazy river is a must for the whole family, and if you want to rest and soak the sunshine, try your private beach (but don't skip the sun-screen high-factors!). Temperature can get very high, so it is recommended to take proper protection and drink a lot of water.

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Some Other Incredible Places to Visit in Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is exceptional in comparison with other indoor retraits across Dubai, spread over a whole area of 22,500 m2. Skiing is the focus of the resort specifically. Try the Snow Park visit here with some hot chocolate! Visitors can also see the penguins from the bottle. Kids love to look at the penguins in particular. Go with your companions and have the most incredible time.

Ferrari World

The Ferrari Universe isn't an auto show. It's certainly the other way around. Ferrari World is Abu Dhabi's most fabulous amusement meca. It was set up in 2010 and has drawn many travellers for years. It was founded in 2010. This place is designed to meet everyone's needs, whether it is a family, a couple, a friend or a packer. In addition to driving on a Ferrari, you can also shop and enjoy some delicious local food in a special restaurant. It's the best place to visit Dubai, with no questions.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is the continuation of tourist sites in Dubai. This is one of Dubai's most exclusive locations. The fountain of Dubai is the largest in the world and the most systematic. The fountain reaches a height of 900 metres, which is undoubtedly the best thing to see in the place. It is high in the Burj lake and has drawn many tourists over the years as a holiday destination. Indeed it is a visual treat for tourists to combine the nightlife with the musical water flow in the fountain.

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Now that you are aware of 5 Incredible Experience You Must Have in Dubai, plan a trip to Dubai and enjoy the nation's beauty. To get a Dubai Visa, you can contact Dubai Visa Center and avail the visa through a hassle-free process and best customer support.

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