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all you need to know about National day celebrations in Dubai

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From mega deserts to the world's biggest malls, tallest buildings, and the largest artificial islands, Dubai is a magical space in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has more skyscrapers than you can count, and one of them is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper is the tallest of the supertall and Dubai has the towering skyline in the world. Along with the UAE National Day, one can visit Dubai after getting their visa from Dubai Visa Center and explore Dubai city at its best. If you have never been to this incredible destination, here are why you should add Dubai to your traveling bucket list. The most preferred time to visit Dubai is between November and January.   

Why visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates?   

Built from scratch in the Arabian deserts, Dubai is the city with the most eye-catching skyline in the world, filled with modern creative ambitions. People visit Dubai to fill their souls with the unique culture of the artificial islands of the United Arab Emirates with the touch of incredible destinations.    

To get your Dubai visa online within 3-4 working days, tap onto Dubai Visa Center and explore Dubai city, which will leave you with modern culture intermixed with the oldest parts of how Dubai was built initially; this city has seen the darkest days, and hence today it has the most beautiful skies along with the development of magical beach places with pavement for people to have a walk at the sleek of the Dubai city a slick, modern city full of ambition. 

Why does the UAE celebrate National Day?   

The United Arab Emirates celebrates its National Day to respect the country's formation in 1971. The holiday on National Day marks the day when the six emirates were combined to give rise to the United Arab Emirates country, with Ras Al Khaimah added as the seventh emirate. The United Arab Emirates was founded by the late Sheikh Zayed Nahyan, who also became the first president.   

Each year the UAE National Day is celebrated across the Gulf nation in a series of joyful festivities. This special day marks the 51 years completion of the country's foundation. This year will mark the time President Sheikh Mohamed will oversee National Day as a leader, having been elected this year.

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Top places to visit in Dubai   

Dubai is the United Arab Emirates tourist hotspot. Dubai city is the most popular tourist destination in the world. The city of skyscrapers and shopping malls is a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world for its sunshine, adventure shopping, and family fun.    

Dubai has an impressive infrastructure, with the highest tower and some luxurious restaurants and hotels. Some of the top destinations in Dubai are listed below. Don't forget to visit them during your trip:  

  • Carluccio's- Serving authentic Italian cuisine all around makes it the most exceptional dining place.  
  • Doner & Gyros- Blended with the taste of Berlin & Chicago food culture.   
  • Five Guys- It is a hamburger restaurant. Timings are from 10 am- 12 pm  
  • Dubai Marina Mall- It is the most extensive shopping facility with 140 stores and 21 dining options.  
  • Meraas Beach Walk- The Beach has rightful cuisine, unique shops, entertainment, water sports, and an outdoor gym with regular classes.   
  • Marina Scape Mall- It is a 2-storey mall with well-furnished apartment facilities.  
  • Burj Khalifa- It is known to be the tallest building structure in the world, with a height of 2717 ft; tourists across the world come to visit this place and enjoy their best. 
  • Dubai Frame- The frame is a connecting link between the emirate's past and its brightest future. 
  • Cayan Tower- The tower building has 495 luxury apartments at a height of 306m to provide tourists with the best experience.
  • Dubai Fountains Display- The fountain is present at the base of the Burj Khalifa, and the fountain show runs daily from 6 pm for around 30 minutes. 
  • Aqua venture water park- This is the most loved tourist destination in Dubai as it enables you to talk to marine animals.
  • AL Qudra Lake- The best part about walking across the lake is to watch the sunset and snap yourself. 
  • Al Seef- This place has the biggest Starbucks. With a modern space, this place has a waterfront promenade at the main door. 
  • Pointe- The largest seawater musical fountain in the world present in Palm fountain.  
  • La Mer Beach- The most scenic sea place to watch the sunset across the beach.

Celebrations of National Day in Dubai   

When you're in Dubai for the celebrations of the United Arab Emirates National Day, visit the Global Village to sing the national anthem and the Dubai Mall; Ayala dancers also perform here. There were several fireworks displays and events across the Emirates at Expo Dubai. For the ultimate experience, visit the Burj Khalifa, which has an LED show depicting the United Arab Emirates flag. In contrast, the Dubai Fountain displays synchronized lights to the national anthem. Don't miss the fireworks by the Burj Al Arab. Aside from the official United Arab Emirates National Day celebration at Zayed Sports City Stadium. The Dubai exclave is surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, which include Dams and Mountains.  

Celebrate the United Arab Emirates National Day with a fantastic stay at Burj Al Arab, where you'll get a front-row seat for the fireworks. The show is going to be held over a stage that floats within the lake in the middle of the dam and has light displays and fireworks designed around the relationship between the Emirati people and nature. With the view of an incredible firework display with live music and funfair for kids, people should definitely visit for the United Arab Emirates National Day.  

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To have a safer trip, make sure you have connected with the local people around you; along with that, don't forget to download the offline map you're traveling to, as sometimes network issues can be serious. Plan your trip at the most affordable prices so your soul gets filled with adventures with Dubai Visa Center.    

Dubai installed building projects to pay off investors in the most effective manner. Dubai has become the top most visited city in the world due to its offerings of a luxury Dubai life, and hence its top-one choice of tourists from different countries. Moreover, Dubai has invested a lot in infrastructure in developing gorgeous beach pavements and luxury hotels to provide the best accommodation and the fastest technologies in the world. Culture-loving tourists definitely visit Dubai in the duration of November to January, as there are many festivities going on around the city to keep it all lightened up and provide the most unforgettable memories of Dubai city!  

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