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Special things to do on National day

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Dubai has the most creative and well-structured skyscraper infrastructures in the city, which is why it has taken global recognition for the famous culture it has amongst its citizens. It is the most popular place for luxury items to be presented as many tourists mix up the gulf nationals to share some connections and similarities to explore Dubai more effectively. And for its experimentations and implementation of creating world records, the brain behind the massive contributions has always been appreciated amongst the other country's citizens and leaders.  

As this place is surrounded by luxury restaurants, apartments, Palm Jumeirah, and the world's famous Atlantis hotel at the end of the view, people living in a skyscraper city look for a peaceful place when it comes to settling down as peace is the most expensive thing to afford after you have attained all of your desired goals.  

Rules for United Arab Emirates National Day 2022 celebrations  

The United Arab Emirates Cabinet officially announced the break will be from December 1, Thursday, to December 3, Saturday. Multiple events and celebrations will take place across the country during this period to celebrate United Arab Emirates' 51st National day. Visit Dubai via Dubai Visa Center and collect your visa as soon as possible. The Ministry of Interior announced on Friday the new rules to be followed during celebrations of the United Arab Emirates National Day: 

  • Marches and uneven gatherings are strictly prohibited. 
  • Celebrating people should follow traffic rules and instructions of police personnel. 
  • Using any spray by motorists, passengers or pedestrians is prohibited. 
  • The front-to-back number plate must not be faded, or windshield tinting is allowed. 
  • Putting inappropriate stickers on vehicles is prohibited. 
  • Vehicles cannot carry more than the authorized number, and no passenger can get out of the car's sunroof. 
  • Vehicles with noise materials or unlicensed additions to engine structure will have to pay fines. 
  • Motorists are not allowed to block roads.  
  • Reckless driving is not permitted on roads. 
  • It is strictly illegal to cover the vehicle's side window and front or rear windshields with any black materials. 

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Revised services plan for Dubai transport facilities  

The Dubai transport facilities during the National day are mentioned below. Check it out before getting off your house and later needing clarification! The revised service timing applies to all the places listed below:   

  • Dubai Metro- Metro service will run on both lines from Wednesday to Saturday (November 30 to December 3) from 05:00 am to 01:00 am.   
  • Dubai Tram- Dubai Tram will be in service from Wednesday to Saturday (November 30 to December 3) from 06:00 am to 01:00 am. 
  • Public buses- During the holiday, public buses will operate from Thursday, December 1, to Sunday, December 4, from 6am to 1am the following day.

The Intercity Bus service in operation is as follows: 

  • Al Sabkha to Hatta (E16) 
  • Al Ghubaiba to Abu Dhabi (E100) 
  • Ibn Battuta to Abu Dhabi (E101) 
  • Ibn Battuta to Al Musaffah (E102) 
  • Al Ghubaiba to Al Ain (E201) 
  • Union Station to Al Jubail Sharjah (E303) 
  • Union Station to Fujairah (E700). 

Marine Transport services are as follows :

  • The Water Bus, Dubai Marina (BM1) to Marina Mall-Marina Walk from 11am to 11.40pm 
  • Marina Promenade to Marina Mall from 1:55 pm to 10.40 pm 
  • Marina Terrace to Marina Walk from 2pm to 10.45pm 
  • Full tour from 4.50pm to 10.20pm 
  • Marina Mall to Blue Waters (BM3) from 4.15 pm to 11.45pm. 

Free things in the United Arab Emirates for National Day.   

However, for 2023 we can expect tourist visa approvals for the people to want to visit the United Arab Emirates for another National day along with the religious sites. If you love the Arab creation of music and stories, then book your Dubai tickets through this fantastic website, Dubai Visa Center, to have a safe and peaceful Dubai journey.   

  • During the National Day in 2022, Dubai will offer free parking to residents and visitors who travel around the emirate to celebrate the holiday.  
  • Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) has approved free entry to citizens to celebrate the National day on the 1st and 2nd of December.  
  • Sharjah Maritime Museum will have free entry for Emirati traditional games and drum band performances.  
  • Visit Global village from 6pm to 2am, which has the finest firecrackers show. 


Dubai leaves you overwhelmed at every point you see a building touching the limits because, as we have all heard, the sky is our only limit! But Dubai went beyond it, too, as there was consistency in their plan of action, and with a vision came immense success by fame. Every tourist worldwide wants to visit Dubai to see what makes it different from every other city. To book your tickets, tap on Dubai Visa Center. Dubai is one of the public's favourite spots for visiting the United Arab Emirates. Travellers interested in visiting Dubai can get their visa through Dubai Visa Center. Dubai offers tourists access to visitors from other countries as it is a modern city blended with endless desert and enriched culture.   

Dubai is a destination full of cosmopolitan lifestyles; Dubai combines the comfort and convenience of the old world with the unique charm and hospitality of Arabia.  

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