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process to obtain free tickets to UAE's national day

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It took many visions and hard-working nights to build the UAE that it is today. From the country's launch, the UAE was found to be just sand, but when we look at it today, all we can see is the evolution of UAE throughout the various time.  
Changes are the necessities of time and life, and if we deny them, then we lack behind the world that is already in a hurry to win the race. To get your visa today for visiting UAE, tap on the link Dubai Visa Center and book it at the most affordable cost. National Day is one of the proudest days for any citizen as they have seen the country built up from scratch level to the perfectionist level.  

When is UAE National Day celebrated and why? 

National Day of UAE is celebrated on 2nd December of every year in the whole UAE as on this day the Emirates got independence from Britain and changed into the United Arab Emirates. All the citizens residing in the UAE appreciates this day as the powerful day when all 7 emirates stood together and fought against the Britain government.  
Every has their bad times but not giving up the courage at the same time ensure high chances of success UAE in its hardest time have always lived life king size and this is the reason why its a highly recognized country and top-most visited country by tourist. 

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Celebrations of National Day in Abu-Dhabi  

The National Day of UAE is going to be celebrated in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec) as it is the 51st National Day with some live events commencing from 3rd December to 10th December, however the holidays for the National day are from 1st December to 3rd December. Those who are unable to visit the city can also see the live events on 2nd December on all the local TV channels and the official website of the UAE National Day. 
Certain timings across Dubai have been decided in order to resolve the chaos of the day. Those who are celebrating National day will have the public parking free from 1st December to 3rd December 2022 in the emirates, however this doesn’t include the multi-level parking areas. The sky that connects Abu-Dhabi and Dubai will be lit up with the best firework creativity on 2nd December after 5 pm. To celebrate the National day, each citizen is required to tag UAE, as their home country and write a few lines on it on the Instagram and Twitter social networking sites so that more residents join UAE and attain their citizenship. 

How to participate in the National Day of UAE?  

Participation for the National day is a crucial step to evaluate the patriotism of one’s country. However, for participation citizens are brought notice to upload their videos on their Instagram account and tag the @OfficialUAEND with hashtags #UAEDreamers51, as this year it’s going to be the 51st UAE National Day. 

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How to get free tickets for the show up of UAE National Day? 

Children under the age of 3 are allowed to attend the show free of cost. However, for other citizens, it’s said that if their videos are selected via the UAE officials, then they will be receiving free tickets for their visit to the official show up for the UAE National day. Those who do not make up for the free tickets can visit the National Day website of UAE where the tickets are available with the celebration and branding kit brochure.  


The UAE National day is to celebrated from 1st December to 3rd December along with the live events happening in Abu- Dhabi from 3rd December to 10th December. This celebration is going to be one of the greatest celebrations of all time. However, the UAE government has made it possible for each citizen to be able to celebrate this grand official National day and can inspire other countries to celebrate their days in such similar ways. 
The idea of uploading videos and posts on Instagram will attract tourist visitors from across the country in order to visit Dubai in their lifetime. If you’re dreaming about visiting Dubai, the dream city, then tap on the website Dubai Visa Center to book your tickets now to avoid delays and cancellations at the last moment.  

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