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Most famous public spots in Dubai

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Dubai is a destination full of unique cosmopolitan lifestyles, as Dubai combines comfort and convenience with the unique charm and hospitality of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is also known as the 'shoppers heaven' as many tourists visit Dubai for shopping purposes, including jewellery, designer clothes, electronics, and many more things. From the older times to the building of the most luxurious shopping places, Dubai city has changed the way of one perspective towards the United Arab Emirates country as it has a genuine warmth and friendliness that greets tourists from across the world.

Top places to visit in Dubai

Dubai city welcomes you all with the most innovative creations found worldwide. These creations will leave you mesmerized by the usage of modern technology in building the most amazing pictures in Dubai city. Here are some mentioned places one can visit in Dubai to add more opportune moments to the most awaited Dubai trip planned by experts with Dubai Visa Center services.

  • Burj Khalifa- 830 m Tallest Sky-Scrapper building in the world, with many luxurious restaurants and stays, lies in Dubai
  • Dubai Marina- 8km long pathway along the beach with the most interior waterway extending towards the Jumeirah Beach Residence;
  • Palm Jumeirah- It is a tree-shaped man-made island known for its lavishing hotels and apartments
  • Dubai Mall- One of the biggest malls in the world with branded shopping stores 
  • Dubai Fountain- The fountain is beside the Burj Khalifa's pavement and synchronizes with the music and lights
  • Dubai Museum of Future- It has 14 most astounding engaging art galleries worldwide. The Museum combines the rudiments of the exhibition, immersive theatre, and themed magnet;
  • Dubai Miracle Garden- Having more than 50 million flower species in the garden makes it the world's most extensive

Justice norms in Dubai city

The Ministry of Justice aims to plan a strategy so that there is a peaceful environment in the country; some of the safety regulations are mentioned here to ensure excellent quality of governance in the city via the below-mentioned points:

  • Conserve the culture of innovation in the work environment
  • High administrative services with the highest standard of quality, efficiency, and transparency within the environment of the country 
  • Involve the partnership of the ministry on a local and international level
  • Modernizing the penal system that helps to keep the security and personal rights
  • Support the specialized judiciary that ensures independence and improvement
  • Contribute to preparing laws and legislations that satisfy society's needs for the future


Fireworks in Dubai

The fireworks in Dubai city are some of the best cracker shows worldwide. Here are the top three places in Dubai where the fireworks can be seen on a grand scale:

  • The Astounding Burj Khalifa Fireworks- The tallest tower in the world, The Burj Khalifa, already attracts millions of tourists to the city. The fireworks here are one of the most loved and famous worldwide.
  • Be Amazed by The Grandeur of the Atlantis Fireworks- The Atlantis Fireworks truly demonstrates a one-of-a-kind show worth experiencing when looking out for things to do in Dubai.
  • Gaze at the Magical Fireworks Display from Umm Al Sequim Beach- The beach is conveniently located in the middle of the Burj Khalifa and The Atlantis and ensures that you see both fireworks from a prime spot.

Essential tips for attending the fireworks in Dubai

  • Parking is going to be a huge issue
  • Reserve a room for yourself in The Atlantis at the weekend
  • Go for an early long drive in the Palm Jumeirah
  • Arrive as early as around 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM 
  • Book a table at one of the outdoor restaurants of The Dubai Mall&

Things to keep in mind when visiting Dubai

When visiting Dubai, here's all you need to remember while booking your visa tickets via Dubai Visa Center to familiarise yourself with what's inappropriate so that you don't break the strict rules and regulations. Here's the list of the things to take note of:

  • Book your tickets 14-days before your trip
  • Dress conservatively in public spots
  • Drinking in public places is prohibited
  • Follow the rules of Ramadan
  • Do not capture people without their permission
  • Unmarried couple visits are illegal
  • Avoid public affection in public areas



Dubai is famous for the most creative and well-structured skyscraper infrastructures, which is why it has gained global recognition for its famous culture amongst its citizens. And for its experimentations and implementation of creating world records, the brain behind the massive contributions has always been appreciated amongst the other country's citizens and leaders. Dubai is the highly luxurious city in the world. People come to Dubai to visit various events from different cultures and countries and share their opinions about a particular topic. To get your Dubai visa tickets, tap on Dubai Visa Center and ensure high safety and affordable Dubai trip.

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