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Why Is Dubai Rated the Best 'Winter Sun Destination'

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According to Google searches for cities and activities to do in the towns during colder weather, Dubai has been named the finest winter getaway globally. For a winter sun holiday, Dubai has been rated as the most excellent place in the world. During the winter, visitors to Dubai may anticipate 8.82 hours of daylight each day, with average temperatures rising to a cosy 68.84°F (about 20.5°C)".

Because the UAE has the most fantastic weather in the world throughout the winter, it attracts millions of visitors from Asia, Europe, and the United States. In addition, many tourists visit Dubai to celebrate Christmas and New Year's since the emirate has grown to be a well-liked location for both festivities.

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Dubai Weather in winter:

Due to the arid desert environment, Dubai has the sunniest and hot days throughout the year. Even though the cold season officially starts in December, this city's temperatures do not vary very much from its starting point.

Typically, once the sun has set, the temperature drops to a low of 15°C to 16°C at night, and it also reaches 26°C to 30° during the day. Due to its tropical environment, Dubai is a summer lover's dream come true for individuals who like a variety of water activities.

Winter in Dubai Is Best for These 3 Reasons:

Dubai travel might be justified for a wide variety of factors. However, we think three main factors contribute to the influx of tourists into this city during this time of year. Here are three crucial justifications for visiting Dubai in the winter.

Ideal Weather:

Due to the pleasant tropical weather, winter is the perfect season to visit Dubai. It is still warm even though the oppressive heat has subsided. If the temperature in your area is chilly, a trip to Dubai might be the perfect respite where you can enjoy the warm sun and upscale activities. It includes windsurfing and desert expeditions.

Holiday Celebrations:

On several days throughout December, notably the 25th and the 31st, Dubai is exquisitely decorated with fairy lights and stunning pyrotechnics. The Burj Khalifa's light and sound spectacle will occur on both days, so don't forget to miss it. During this season, several festive parties, street festivals, events, and other live entertainments are arranged. You may enjoy a fusion of contemporary and conventional celebration techniques.


Some occasions only happen during this particular time of the year. The UAE National Day Festival, the Dubai Shopping Festival, and the International Film Festival of Dubai are a few of them. A hot air balloon trip is one of the other unique things you may partake in.

Best Winter Activities in Dubai:

There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai when visiting this Arab metropolis. You will never run out of things to do because there are so many leisure options available.

A Desert Safari Is Fun:

The finest wintertime activities in Dubai include going on a desert safari. Visit the immense Arabian Desert to partake in sports like quad biking, sandboarding, sand bashing, and the much-coveted camel ride. Additionally, spend the night in a Bedouin tent where you may take in local food, belly dancing, and traditional music. You may savour the sun's warmth.


Skydiving is one of the must-do activities in Dubai for all those thrill seekers. Dive into the air from about 14,000 feet, floating down to the earth before being dragged away by the parachute. Different skydiving packages are available, and you may select to incorporate them in advance in your inexpensive winter shore excursions to Dubai.

What Should You Wear in Winter in Dubai?

Throughout the majority of the year, Dubai has hot and muggy weather. For this reason, we advise visitors to bring the bare necessities when travelling in the winter. To explore more comfortably, you can bring sandals, shorts, cotton shirts, and half-sleeve t-shirts. Please be mindful that there is a different dress code in Dubai. The revealing dresses cannot be worn when undercutting crops. You must thus always have long skirts, tops, shirts, t-shirts, slacks, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans with you.

For women, it's essential to avoid wearing clothing that is overly tight, see-through, or exposes too much flesh. Remember to bring sunblock and goggles.

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The year-round climate in Dubai is warm and sunny. Even in the winter, it is hot and muggy everywhere. This is why December and January saw a spike in tourism from the Northern Hemisphere to this Arab nation. Winter is a great time to take sunbathe. Dubai is at its best in December, with many fantastic entertainment options and artificial wonders.

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