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Experience the Thrill of Adventurous Safari Tours in Dubai in 2023

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Dubai is an ideal vacation spot for those attracted by the desert, sea, unparalleled metropolitan infrastructure, or anyone. Travellers come to the Arabian Desert from all over the world. The most excellent way to appreciate its magnificence and the traditional royal experience in Dubai is with a Desert Safari.   
The 6-hour Dubai Desert Safari includes a fascinating Arabian Desert tour and several entertaining activities, such as Quad Biking, Sand Boarding, and Dune Bashing. Other activities include Tanura Dance, Camel Riding, Horse Riding, Belly Dancing, and Quad Biking. There are numerous alternatives, including dune buggy safaris, extreme adventure safaris, overnight safaris, and morning, evening, and nighttime safaris. Visitors can pick any of these based on their preferences and areas of interest. 
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What makes a desert safari in Dubai a unique adventure?   

A desert safari in Dubai is an unforgettable experience due to the size of the Arabian desert, the rich experiences found among the dunes, and the variety of daily thrilling activities. Select from various blue-lit photography tours, daring desert safari excursions, thrilling night safari excursions, and spectacular desert nights. Dubai Night Safari showcases the best of Arabian nights and is unquestionably worthwhile to try. It is embellished with daring rides, Arabian music, and delectable food.   

Dawn - Witness the Sun emerging from the dunes  

You should specifically travel to the vast Arabian Desert during dawn when the Sun is at its brightest and most prominent near the horizon. Take in the awesomeness as you admire the golden splendor. The sunrise in the desert is unquestionably the most picturesque sight. If you like the morning or are short on time, this is the best option so you can use your evening for other things or rest. Dune-bashing is something you can enjoy in the morning. The morning desert excursion offers a pickup and drop-off service from the hotel.   
After arriving in the desert, you can go dune bashing, head back to camp, go quad biking, camel riding, horseback riding, sand boarding, or sit back and relax while snapping gorgeous photos and making new memories. The entire morning safari lasts for three hours. The safari driver will then return you to the hotel.   

Dune bashing - Desert sledging in Arabia

The most thrilling activity of the most incredible desert safari in Dubai is a morning jeep safari trip in a 44 SUV through the blustery wind and sand. The jeep often picks you up from the camp and takes you on a fantastic journey lasting over 30 minutes.   

Camel safari - Enjoy a pleasant trek over the desert  

In Dubai, a camel safari typically takes place in the morning and lasts 45 minutes. Riding in a camel caravan, you may tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and discover the desert's biodiversity. Another draw of the camel desert excursion is the falcon performance.   

Sand skiing - Feel the rush of speeding over the desert sand 

Sand skiing is a unique adventure activity that can be enjoyed on Dubai's endless stretch of sand. Some dunes reach 200–300 metres, making them perfect for sand skiing. You can feel the sand under your skis as you quickly descend. That is the pinnacle of desert enjoyment!   

Ride like a pro when quad biking   

One of the most exhilarating activities to perform on a desert safari in Dubai is riding a quad bike through the Arabian desert. Quad riding is ideal for adventure seekers on a Dubai tour; go through the curves and explore the desert like a pro.   

Hot air ballooning: exciting flight over the Arabian desert   

You may see the vast Arabian desert on a hot air balloon tour. The 24-person capacity hot air balloon gives off an adrenaline rush as it soars through the skies while providing breathtaking vistas. Around here, you can see some of the desert species, primarily consisting of gazelles and camels.   

Evening Safari   

This is the most incredible desert safari shift you should check out if you have enough time on your trip. You will be picked up from the hotel in the afternoon, and on the route, there will be several gorgeous stops where you can stop to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. At sunset point, the car will likewise come to a halt. This is the gorgeous period when the desert is in all its splendour. Before getting to the campsite, you can experience tonnes of dune-bashing. There, further adventure and Arabian hospitality are waiting for you. At the camp, you can participate in groove-along, watch belly dance performances, go on camel rides, or get exquisite henna designs done by talented artists.   

Nighttime dune-bashing and stargazing on a safari   

The finest desert safari in Dubai includes dune bashing, safaris through the desert, and stargazing. Most nights are brisk and windy, making them the ideal time to climb inside your Range Rover and embark on a romantic drive with your significant other.   

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The Best Dubai Desert Safari: How To Choose?

While some people might enjoy the exhilaration of quad biking across the sand dunes, others might prefer to spend a peaceful night beneath the stars in Dubai's chilly desert. Some of you may be early risers who want to see the sunrise, while others may prefer a taste of Arabian entertainment that includes bellydancing, tanoura dancing, and the whole nine yards. Whatever you enjoy, there is a Dubai Desert Safari experience designed to fit your preferences, and we are here to assist you in finding the ideal one!


Going on an exciting afternoon and evening desert excursion may step up the tempo of your Dubai holiday. Travel to a region of tall, golden dunes by 4x4 with a competent driver after leaving Dubai. Experience a thrilling dune drive, pause to capture pictures of a stunning sunset, and pick up the pace with an intense sandboarding session. After a camel ride and other enjoyable activities in a stunning desert camp, enjoy a BBQ dinner and performances by spinning Tanura dancers, belly dancers, and other performers.   

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