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uae safety standards to meet due to COVID

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The novel coronavirus brought about various unprecedented changes all over the globe. Throughout the pandemic, the entire medical system was mentally and physically prepared to tackle any hurdle. This horrendous pandemic took several loves away from us and left us all devastated. UAE also suffered the same fate. It is, therefore, necessary to take all precautionary measures to prevent the advancement of the virus.


The UAE government warned and informed its citizens about the next wave much before the World Health Organization. Testing centers were made available throughout the geography. Test kits were promptly distributed to aid in the quick testing and recovery of the patients. Apart from all these measures, they adopted the two-meter distance rule strictly. They prohibited and discouraged any kind of mass gatherings. The Ministry of Health and Prevention laid the foundation of a coronavirus helpline and hired counselors to help people cope with anxiety. All these preventive principles helped them control the pandemic effectively. 

Rules imposed on travelers

To prevent the immigration of the virus, the UAE devised some rules and regulations for its visitors. Implementation of these rules helped to curb the spread of the virus to some extent. The basic rules went as follows:

  • Vaccinated candidates are required to submit a vaccination certificate with a QR code. There would be no need to submit a negative RT-PCR report.
  • Non-vaccinated candidates should submit their RT-PCR report mentioning negative COVID results or a recovery certificate if they were previously infected.

Points to be noted

  • Vaccination certificates and PCR reports via text messages will be held invalid. Submit printed and digital certificates with a QR code.
  • Vaccination certificates that do not have a QR code will not be accepted unless a recognized testing agency validates them. 
  • Vaccination certificates and test reports should be submitted in either English or Arabic. Other languages will be accepted if they are approved. 
  • For traveling from the United Kingdom to Dubai, a test certificate issued by National Health Services is invalid. 
  • The PCR test reports should have molecular diagnostic tests as they will aid in detecting SARS-COV-2 nucleic acid.
  • Any form of home tests or rapid antigen/antibody tests will not be accepted.


UAE residents and travel to UAE

UAE residents traveling to the UAE need not submit any vaccination certificate or test reports on arrival. Similarly, their first-degree relatives traveling on the same flight and domestic workers traveling with a national UAE sponsor need not produce COVID-related documents. Passengers transiting Dubai need not submit their vaccination or test reports unless their final destination requires it. 

Moving within the UAE

For entry within Abu Dhabi, passengers are now not required to show their green status on the Al-Hosn App (devised to manage and track the COVID status of an individual). However, for visiting crowded areas, you must have a green valid on the app.

For traveling out of UAE

UAE residents that are over 18 years can travel outside UAE if they provide any one of the following documents:

  • Vaccination certificate of a single dose that is not over one month old.
  • Vaccination certificate of completed vaccine procedure from an approved agency.
  • RT-PCR negative test report for people with no vaccination certificates.

To avail of an exemption from the above travel rules, the candidate must fulfill the following:

  • Provide an exemption letter from the responsible medical authority
  • Medical advice to not take the vaccine
  • Traveling for humanitarian matters
  • Traveling for medical purposes

Quarantine guidelines for travelers

When traveling to Abu Dhabi, UAE residents, visitors, or travelers are not bound to quarantine on arrival. Candidates below 16 or fully vaccinated are not required to produce a negative test report. Undergoing an RT-PCR test on arrival is no longer mandatory. 

Candidates traveling to Dubai or Sharjah must undergo the RT-PCR test and quarantine. They must continue to quarantine till their test results are out and positive. 

A penalty of AED 50,000 will be levied on the candidates if they do not adhere to the quarantine rules and cause risk to the lives of others.

Every candidate must follow the guidelines issued by WHO. They must wear a mask, sanitize their hands and surroundings, and maintain a 6 feet distance when talking to people.




The United Arab Emirates is very particular and strict with the rules it devises. Any kind of misconduct and law-breaking activity doesn’t go unnoticed. Every place has its laws and governing factors, and a respectful individual makes sure they do not disrupt the harmony of a nation and abide by the rules and regulations. Every country must look after its citizens. The above-devised rules and regulations proved efficacious in helping UAE monitor the COVID situation. To be wise, one must abide by these rules to protect themselves too.

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