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Everything About UAE 60-Day Tourist Visa

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Travellers may stay in the UAE for up to 60 days at a time under the new visa regulations that took effect on October 3. Several modifications to visa policies were adopted by the Cabinet in April, one of which is the decision to double the previous validity period and make all entrance visas valid for 60 days after issuance.  

A 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day visit visa may have been obtained for travel to Dubai in the past, as there was no separate visa for tourists. On a new visa, the one-, two-, and three-month entrance permits are still accessible, but mainly to those who want to visit friends or family who are already in the nation.   

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Based on their length of validity and kind of entrance, Dubai tourist visas come in various forms. It would be best if you chose which visa is best for you based on the reason for your travel and the length of your stay before applying for a Dubai visa. Depending on your visa category, the cost of a Dubai visit visa will also change.  

  • 14-day Tourist Visa - This visa is suggested for people who only want to spend a brief time in the UAE, such as for business meetings, conferences, events, tourism, or transit.  
  • Visitors who want to travel around the emirates or visit relatives and friends in the UAE are advised to get a 30-day tourist visa.  
  • If you are planning to visit Dubai for an extended vacation or for business where you have to be in Dubai for more than a month, then you should apply for visiting visa, which is valid for 60 days. There are two types of 60-day visas that you may use: single entrance and multiple entries.   

The new visa programme 

Many travel agencies can obtain their customers 60-day Dubai tourist visas, according to a story in the Khaleej Times. According to the release explaining the new visa's specifics, it would enable travellers to investigate the labour markets in the UAE, understand different topics, including quality of life, and have a long holiday there. Compared to the 30-day tourist visa, the cost of the children's visa is somewhat more.  

What is the specification?

The 60-day visa does not require any prerequisites. However, not all nations may obtain the visa upon arrival; in this instance, a prior application must be made through a travel agent. The recently introduced new five-year multiple-entry tourist visa is another option. Before completing the application form, tourists who intend to apply must provide proof of having at least $4,000 (Dhs14,692) in their bank accounts during the previous six months.  


The new entrance visa will include a nine-day grace period, much like the 30-day entry visa. Following this, there will be fines of Dhs200 for the first day of the overstay and Dhs100 for each additional day.  

Is It Feasible to Extend?  

All entrance visas can be obtained for single or multiple entries and are renewable for an additional 60 days after the initial date of issuance.  

Who Is Eligible for A Tourist Visa?  

Applicants for tourist visas can enter the UAE without a visa if they do not meet the requirements for a visa on arrival or visa-free entrance. An arrival visa in the UAE is available to nationals of 69 nations and states. If a female applicant is under 18, she cannot register for a tourist visa unless she travels with her parents.  

How do I submit a tourist visa application?  

Visitors from nations without a visa-on-arrival agreement with the UAE can request their visas beforehand through a tour company or airline.  

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Major enhancements include simplifying entrance criteria for all visa kinds and providing flexible visa durations that match visitors' demands and the purpose of their visit, according to the UAE Government Media Office. Visit the Dubai Visa Centre website to learn about Dubai visa-related matters. 


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