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what does the luxury and business amalgamation look like in dubai

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Today the world recognizes Dubai for the economical and business opportunities it offers. Over time Dubai has provided investors throughout the world a great return on their investment and has created an ecosystem where new startups and entrepreneurs are encouraged to explore new opportunities and bring out innovation and create utility for every field. The Emirate is not a haven for businessmen and entrepreneurs only, but also a destination for those who want to enjoy the best of luxuries. 

To experience luxury, you need to go through hardships and earn that luxurious lifestyle. You need to clinch success and then enjoy the luxuries. Dubai is a place that completes this circle of labor and fruit, hardship, and results. Once your venture in the city is a success and your hard work has paid off, you can enjoy luxuries of all types that you deserve in the city only. Dubai is a place where luxury and business come together, you can work hard and establish a business in the city and at the same time relax in the luxuries that the city provides. 

To understand how Dubai has become the centre of entrepreneurship & business and luxurious retreats, let us learn a bit more about the tremendous business opportunities & growth and the premium luxurious retreat and comforts in the city. 


The Business growth and opportunities in Dubai  

The City of Dubai has emerged as a centre for business development throughout the world attracting global investment and talent. The Emirates ranked third in attracting foreign direct investment worldwide.  

Today the major contributor to the GDP of Dubai is the oil sector, accounting for more than a quarter of the total GDP of the city. Dubai understands the uncertainties associated with the traditional oil sector and hence the city has been constantly moving away from the traditional oil sector and growing its non-oil sector. The city witnessed a 3% surge in the non-oil sector in 2020.  

It is not that the city is just shifting from the traditional oil sector, In fact, the Emirate has been investing in future technologies and possibilities. The city ranked first in attracting investment in the artificial intelligence and robotic sector. Investments worth $21.6 billion have been made towards high-end technology transfers. All this investment and innovation is shaping Dubai into becoming the global leader in high-end technologies. 

Dubai is excelling in all business fields, be it trade, e-commerce, or any other sector.  

The city hosted more than 16 million tourists in 2020, and the tourism count is increasing with each passing day. The increasing tourist count in Dubai has made the tourism sector a very fruitful business field. 


The Luxuries of Dubai  

So we know Dubai has all the reasons for an entrepreneur and investor to explore the city, once the hard work of business is accomplished, you would want to enjoy the luxuries of Dubai. The emirate has plenty of luxurious experiences to offer. Keep reading to learn about them. 

The world-class hospitality  

Dubai has infused luxury into its hospitality. With hotels like Atlantis, Bulgari Resort, Burj Al Arab, and many more, the city has refined luxury. 

The Yacht Cruise  

Dubai offers the world's best yacht cruise experiences. The crew and staff will take every measure to make sure that all your needs are taken care of. You can admire the amazing views of the city from your deck. 

Luxury in the very way you live  

Today luxury has made its place in the lifestyles of Dubai's Residents. Premium Jewellery brands like Cartier are a common household name in Dubai today. Well, Cartier is not alone, with brands like Dolce & Gabbana and many others, today Dubai's residents have infused luxury into their lives.

Whether you are visiting Dubai to explore business opportunities, enjoy the luxuries, or just for a decent tour, you will be requiring a visa for sure. To make the visa application process seamless and hassle-free we at Dubai Visa have made the visa application process a simple process that can be completed in no time so that there is not a moment delay in your Dubai visit.



Dubai provides the playing field to potential entrepreneurs and businesses and immerses visitors in luxuries at the same time. 

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