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With Dubai being a significant fascination, UAE is maybe perhaps the quickest flourishing nation on the planet. People who wish to visit Dubai need to get a UAE visa, browsing the numerous choices accessible. A Dubai visa is an electronic visa handled on the web and given over your email. It is a paperless visa and not stepped on your identification. Dubai issues various sorts of a vacationer and business visas with a solitary passage and different sections relying upon the motivation behind your visit to Dubai.

 Qualification for Dubai visa for Indian

 To be qualified for a Dubai visa, the competitor should satisfy the accompanying standards:

  1. A substantial Indian passport.
  2. The passport should be substantial for something like a half year with at least 2 clear pages.
  3. Have affirmed return flight passes to your home country.
  4. Should have adequate assets to cover the costs during the stay in Dubai.
  5. Not have any lawbreaking foundation.


 Reports expected for the Dubai Visa application

  • Examined duplicate of the first and last page of your visa. The identification should have the legitimacy of something like a half year and at least 3 clear pages.
  • Examined duplicate of your variety identification size photo.
  • Affirmed return flight tickets.

Dubai visa Process for Indian citizens

The application cycle for getting a Dubai Visa is extremely basic, you should simply follow the beneath referenced advances and accept your Dubai visa at the earliest.

  1. Correctly and vigilantly enter your citizenship in the application form.
  2. Dubai gives a couple of sorts of visas on the requirements of the promising newcomer. Choose the visa that best suits your necessity
  3. Wrap up the application structure with necessary details.
  4. Submit the signed documents.
  5. We give you different payment gateways to pay the visa fee. Select the method most suitable for you.
  6. A confirmation mail will be sent to you. It will be done so after we have received the payment.
  7. The affirmation mail will imply your application id. You can obtain your e-visa using the application ID.
  8. The application ID similarly helps you with checking the status of your Dubai visa on the web.
  9. At the point when the visa is upheld, you can download it.


When to apply and validity

Candidates can apply for a Dubai visa 30 days before their normal date of movement. There are different Dubai visas relying upon the motivation behind your visit. The Dubai all-around issues 48 and 96 hours Transit visas, 14 days Tourist visas, 30 days Tourist visas, and 90 days Tourist visas. The legitimacy and remaining time of the Dubai visa will be settled based on your motivation outing and travel agenda.

Handling time for Dubai Visa

By and large, a Dubai Visa internet handling time is ordinarily 3 to 4 working days. Be that as it may, you can likewise choose an express visa administration wherein you get your visa in 24 hours or less.

Okay to Board (OTB) for Dubai visa

Candidates venturing out to Dubai are expected to get their visas confirmed. After the check, the significant officials will embed an 'alright to Board' message in the PNR. It implies that your paper-based visa and that carrier registration staff can give you a ticket and permit you to get onto the flight.


Sorts of Dubai Visa for Indian nationals

The UAE authorities issue various sorts of vacationer visas to Indian nationals. The sorts of traveller visas given to Indian residents are examined underneath:

48-hour Transit Visa

The 48-hour Visa can be profited by those kinds of travellers who plan to remain in the country for a time of just 48 hours during a layover. This visa is valid for 14 days for 70 USD.

96-hour Transit Visa

The 96-hour Visa permits the traveller to stay in the nation for up to 4 days. Similar to the 48-hour visa, this type of travel document is valid for 14 days starting from the effective date for 110 USD.

Short-term Single Entry (14 days)

From the date of issuance, this visa is valid for approximately 58 days. This type of visa's drawback is that it cannot be extended. You can receive it for 130 USD.

Short-term Single Entry (30 days)

This visa is valid for 58 days starting on the day it is issued and is a single entry visa. It is possible to extend it twice for the span of 30 days. You can stay for 30 days and it is available for 135 USD.

90 days Single Entry 

If one person plans to stay in the nation for a longer period of time, the 90-day Visit Visa is helpful. It typically gets extended twice for increments of 30 days. Get this visa for 390 USD.

Multi-Entry Short-Term Visa

The visa, which has a validity of 58 days, can be extended twice for a total of 30 days each by covering the necessary costs. it is available for 310 USD and you can stay for 30 days.

Multi-Entry Long-Term Visa

The visa, which has a validity of 60 days, can be extended twice for a total of 30 days each by covering the necessary costs. it is available for 800 USD and you can stay for 90 days



Dubai is a magnificent spot to visit. It houses a few vacation spots as well as gives a few potential open doors. Visiting Dubai ought to be on everybody's list of must-dos. Indian residents can apply for a Dubai visa at whatever point the prerequisite emerges. Getting a Dubai visa is definitely not a troublesome undertaking. The above article gives all the vital data expected by Indian nationals to apply for a Dubai visa.

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