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things to purchase in dubai

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Dubai is and has always been a genuine vacation spot for travellers of all ages. It has been in everyone's hearts for a long time and has risen to the top of the many lists whether it be the top place to visit or a famous place to buy things. Read below to know the things that you can buy from Dubai and take to your home country 

Some famous things to buy in Dubai

1. Oudh and Bakhoor

Oudh or Bakhoor are your best options if you enjoy the distinctive scent that permeates Dubai's streets and wishes to recreate it at home. One of the special items to buy in Dubai is Oudh, a pricey fragrance oil made from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar tree. Agarwood chips that are burned to create an equally enticing aroma are referred to as backdoor. As efficient substitutes for air fresheners, candles, and incense, Oudh and Bakhoor are both in high demand.

2. Persian carpets and rugs

When deciding what to buy in Dubai, there is no question about the elegance of Persian rugs and carpets. These carpets are quite a beautiful artefact to grace the flooring of your home, albeit slightly on the pricey and heavier side. Although hand-crafted rugs are more expensive than those manufactured by machines, they are nevertheless worth the extra cost. If you don't like an available carpet, the merchants in Dubai give you the option of customizing one. They are available in several sizes, and the costs reflect this. Their prices are also influenced by the calibre, type, and quantity of the work done on them.


3. Coffee and coffee pots from Arabia

If you are a coffee fanatic, this is one of the best things to buy in Dubai since coffee enthusiasts will discover a peculiar delight in the bitter yet invigorating taste of Arabian coffee. Here, coffee is known for having a strong flavour, thus to balance the flavours, it is typically served with a sweet treat. Along with coffee makers, sometimes referred to as "Dallah," it makes for a nice keepsake to bring back home. These pots are suited for everyday use and include traditional Arabic designs. They are often made of copper. Some of them fall into the more expensive category and have gold- and silver-rimmed edges. Additionally, they can be utilized as ornaments.

4. Arabic Attars

These perfume oils, sometimes referred to as Arabic Attars locally, are well recognized for their enticing aroma. These alcohol-free oils are made from plant sources, come in a range of fragrances and sizes, and are utilized by both men and women in Dubai. The salespeople can help you choose from the countless Attar options available and can even combine and blend different smells to create a custom, Attar. This is one of the nicest items to buy in Dubai if you're seeking a traditional gift to bring home.


5. Electrical goods

Although not a speciality of Dubai, the electronic goods sold in Dubai shops are generally less expensive than those found in numerous markets. Everything electrical appliance over here is really affordable and is worth every penny at the same time. To actually gain from the purchase, it is best to compare the pricing to those in your nation of residence. When considering what to buy in Dubai, this might not be the first item that springs to mind, but if you find a good price, it might end up being the most cost-effective item you bring back.

6. Camel milk chocolates in Dubai

Products made from camel milk are a speciality of Dubai and a must-have item to purchase while visiting the city. Al Nassma is the only company that makes camel milk chocolates since they are so uncommon. They provide five different kinds of chocolate bars that you’ll really love to have, such as - dates, macadamia nuts, spices, whole milk, and 70% cocoa. The camel-shaped chocolates are the ones that are most frequently suggested.

7. Dubai spices

The best approach to bring a piece of Dubai home to the fullest is to buy local spices. These spices, which are flavorful and inexpensive, are offered in marketplaces. They are renowned for their mystical capacity to change an ordinary dish into something delectable. These spices are the perfect present choice if you enjoy cooking or want to give them to someone who does.



To visit Dubai is true fun and if you are to buy things in Dubai, it’s just a wonderful place to do so and the things you can get here can’t really be found anywhere else. And once you go through this entire article, you’ll surely get some idea about the things to buy in Dubai, and of course, you can proceed to buy them.

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