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how to apply for a Dubai Golden Visa

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Tempted by the extravagance in the lifestyle of Dubai, the majority of us have longed for making the country our new home. Lavish Arabian living standards, sky-scraping buildings, exotic delicacies, and expensive cars can melt anyone’s heart and make them wish for a long-term residency in UAE.

However, this is not possible on a standard visa. Thus, the UAE government introduced a new system visa that we’ll be looking at in this article. We’ll look at how you can get a Dubai Golden visa for Indian citizens and what are the formalities involved in this process.

What is a Golden visa?

The government of UAE launched a new system of visas, known as the Golden visa in 2019. This initiative has given stronger hopes to Indian nationals looking forward to securing permanent residency in Dubai or any part of UAE. Under a Golden visa, the holder can stay and work in UAE without getting sponsored by a national sponsor. Another major perk of this visa is the retention of 100% ownership in the business.


For How Long can an Indian National get a Golden Visa?

An Indian national can choose between 2 types of Golden visas in Dubai - a 5-year visa and a 10-year visa. Moreover, the type of visa will also depend on your role in the country (whether you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, a student, or an individual with special talents.

If you’re unable to figure out the best Golden visa type for you, you get in touch with the team of professional consultants at the Dubai Visa Center. The visa consultancy company has been successful in extending quality visa services to 300k+ customers and making it possible for them to make it to UAE. We enjoy a 100% success rate on visa approval and are looking forward to assisting you with your Golden visa application for Dubai.

Why Does an Indian Citizen Need a Golden Visa?

The primary benefit that an Indian citizen enjoys on a Golden visa is long-term residency i.e. 5 to 10 years. This visa is generally issued to the following categories.

  • Investors
  • Individuals with outstanding talents
  • Remarkable students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • Medical professionals

A Golden visa is most relevant to Masdar City, which is UAE’s center of R&D in innovation and technology.

A new initiative by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), known as ‘You are Special’ has been taken to assist Golden Visa holders in UAE.

Another considerable benefit of a Golden visa is the security of their future as the government of UAE has accepted the holders as their long-term residents, providing them a good reason to feel secure about their future in the country. Moreover, this security is extended to the holders’ spouse and children (if any) as well and they too can move to UAE along with the visa holder.

Eligibility Criteria for a Golden Visa for Indian Citizens

For an Indian national to be eligible for a UAE Golden visa, he/she must meet the following eligibility criteria.

1.   For Indian Investors

 If you’re willing to move to Dubai as an investor, you’re eligible only if

  • More than AED 10 million worth of public investment (investment fund or a company)
  • Not more than 40% investment in real estate
  • 100% ownership of assets/investments i.e. no loan on investment
  • The capacity of retaining investment for 3+ years

2.   Indian Doctors

An Indian doctor can apply for a Golden visa if he has

  • D. from universities ranked under the top 500 medical universities globally
  • 10+ years of medical experience
  • Award of appreciation
  • Written and published scientific books/articles
  • Any specialization in any priority area in UAE

3.   Individuals with Special Talents

The Golden visa application by an individual with special talent (like an artist, researcher, etc) is handed over to the respective department and the duration of the visa is decided according to them.


The Bottom Line

If you’re eligible for a Golden visa, Dubai is a great place to take your career to a new level. Start your visa process today and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the Arabian country.

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