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Past vs Modern infrastructural changes

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Dubai has been built from the layers of plenty of sand which has already surrounded the city, but with a great vision, there comes great responsibility; Dubai has developed the most innovative creations to ease the lives of the citizens so that they can experience a healthy lavish lifestyle and can explore throughout the various places in Dubai.  

Dubai has become the top most visited city in the world due to its offerings of a luxury Dubai life, and hence its top-one choice of tourists from different countries. Dubai installed building projects to pay off investors in the most effective manner. If you're planning to visit Dubai, tap on Dubai Visa Center and plan your trip at affordable prices.  


Talking about the earlier times does not mean not appreciating the existing ones. Back in the 18th century, Dubai had started as a small settlement by some members of the Bani Yas tribe; the group was attracted to the natural search for a harbour in Dubai. As time passed, the officials had no time to think about the country's development as the other taxes were overburdening them, but in the 21st century, Dubai city rapidly grew due to their focus on tourism and luxury. Dubai was known for its money, but how that money helped Dubai get recognized is commendable. The early city people were genuinely dependent on metallic goods such as copper and bronze, with the human settlements in the areas of the city's coastline.  



The struggle has been an endless journey for Dubai; the Infrastructure began developing in the early 1970s due to oil and trade revenue generation. The city also saw a good influx of citizens settling in. The Gulf war in 1991 made the city fall into damaging financial crises, and that's when Dubai realized the need to rely on other sources for revenue generation; hence it focussed on trade and tourism. Presently all the emirates have modern seaports due to which the goods are imported, for the most part, by sea and distributed by truck within the UAE and to nearby locations in neighbouring GCC countries.  


The UAE government has a relatively well-developed modern infrastructure in Dubai, due to which most tourists visit Dubai daily. Here are some of the top infrastructures in Dubai that one can see:  

  • Burj Khalifa- It is known to be the tallest building structure in the world, with a height of 829.8m, and is the most visited spot in Dubai.  
  • Dubai Frame- This is an iconic frame connecting the emirate's rich past and its magnificent present.  
  • Cayan Tower- This building has 495 luxury apartments which are at the height of 306m.  
  • Princess Tower- It is the tallest residential skyscraper in Dubai.  
  • Emirates Tower- This building contains Emirates offices and tower hotels.  
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church- Visiting timings include 5 pm to 7 pm.  
  • Shiva and Krishna Mandir- Hindu idol stores built in the 1950s oldest Hindu temple. Location- Dubai Creek  
  • Jumeirah Mosque- Most photographed Mosque in Dubai, one can register for Majlis and enjoy the culture. Location- Oud Metha  
  • Grand Mosque Dubai- Mosque with sandy greyish walls. Location- Al Fahidi  
  • Jain Temple- For the Jain community in Dubai. Location- Bur Dubai  
  • Al Farooq Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque- The Istanbul Mosque inspires the architect of this mosque. Location- Al Safa 1  

Dubai is worth visiting when you are out of ideas, innovation hits your head straight, and you get your visa tickets via Dubai Visa Center.



Dubai has known to be the most influential and popular destination in the tourism industry. Dubai city is highly focused on attracting tourists, with top-level buildings such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, which attract tourists with the most intensity. Moreover, Dubai has invested a lot in Infrastructure in developing gorgeous beach pavements and luxury hotels to provide the best accommodation and the fastest technologies in the world. Shopping festivals are the favourite spots for tourists visiting Dubai.   

Dubai is currently investing in sustainable development goals; therefore, through tourism, the city will establish renewable power and sustainable water generation strategies to manage tourist needs. To visit Dubai, you will require a visa for the type of travel you want. For more details, do visit Dubai Visa Center 


Dubai's infrastructural developments have led to an increase in tourist attraction from across the world. When planning to visit Dubai, please get your tickets from Dubai Visa Center, as people highly recommend it for the most affordable prices they offer citizens to visit the Dubai. The infrastructural changes have been made in the present, due to which Dubai shine brighter amongst the other countries, and due to the various constructional buildings, Dubai has even made it to the sky, which is no more a limit! The skyscraper buildings in Dubai are worth visiting along with the religious sites to understand the architectural concepts of the builders of UAE.  



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