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the ultimate guide to the burj khalifa tour in dubai

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Everyone in this world wants to visit Dubai as it has become one of the most favourite tourist spots in the world. People from all over the world travel to Dubai and enjoy it as it provides a combination of adventurous and luxury life. If we talk about some most famous places to visit in Dubai, we can come up with many places and names but most of us would say one name i.e. Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is a worldwide attraction and everyone who enters Dubai first wishes to see Burj Khalifa. The long skyscraper attracts every visitor and thus it's special. Today in this article, we are going to read about the Burj Khalifa tour in Dubai

Where is Burj Khalifa located? 

  • For such a strikingly modern construction, it may come as a surprise to learn that Burj Khalifa's architecture is deeply rooted in the culture of Dubai and the surrounding area. Downtown Dubai, is located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.
  • The interlocking rings that extend from the tower's footprint were influenced by Islamic geometric traditions, while the tower's tier-by-tier spiral shape is reminiscent of conventional Middle Eastern architecture. This also applies to the area around the tower, as abstracted forms from the building are used to shape the gardens at its base, much like the Dubai Miracle Garden.


Things to know about Burj Khalifa 

  • There are so many things to wonder about Burj Khalifa but the most amazing thing is the weight of the material. The reason behind this is that many people don’t know that the Burj Khalifa’s concrete weight is equal to 100,00 elephants and not only this but the aluminium utensils used in the Burj Khalifa weigh around five A380 planes. 
  • Burj Khalifa is constructed in a very admirable way that it saves water which is used for irrigation and many other works. It may sound shocking but it is a fact that every year 15 million gallons of water are gathered in storage space. All this process is done in a very environmentally friendly way. 
  • Many people think that Burj Khalifa is all about luxurious cuisines and residences. Well, it has one of the most expensive residence rates in the world but still many celebrities and people own the place. But other than cuisines and luxury apartments, the building also has a collection of art of culture like an oval sculpture designed by Egyptian artist Karim Rashid and it is the first stop when you arrive at the business entryway. The hotel even has the world’s first Armani hotel


Burj Khalifa tour highlights 

  • The Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world, can be reached by high-speed elevator. Your breath will be taken away by the vistas from the 124th story's floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • The world's highest nightclub is located on the 144th floor of Burj Khalifa, which also holds numerous other world records. The elevators at the Burj Khalifa operate at a 36 km/hr pace.
  • The tower has a variety of leisure and entertainment amenities, including a public observation deck, swimming pools, bars, the highest restaurant in the world on level 22, and health and wellness centres.
  • The interiors of Burj Khalifa are decorated with more than a thousand works of art by well-known international and Middle Eastern artists.
  • The world's highest observation deck, located at 135 floors, offers a stunning view of the city and the Arabian Gulf.
  • This highest man-made wonder continues to draw tourists, and thanks to its distinctive appeal, it will likely continue to dominate Dubai's skyline for many years to come. 

Things to do in a Burj Khalifa tour 

  1. Reach the top of Burj Khalifa and enjoy the mesmerizing view from the top. 
  2. You enjoy the live fountain show there. It can be seen best from the top of the Burj Khalifa.
  3. Then you can relax at the Armani hotel spa. The world’s first Armani hotel is in Dubai. 
  4. Some people are very serious about their fitness and they don’t have to miss it as they can work out at the Burj Khalifa fitness club.
  5. These are only a few things but you can do a lot more and enjoy the peace and luxury of Burj Khalifa. 



Burj Khalifa has a lot to give and you can have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences there with your family and friends. This article was about the Burj Khalifa tour in Dubai and has all about Burj Khalifa. It is a great place to enjoy your day during your visit to Dubai. Along with Burj Khalifa, there are many more great things in Dubai like Ski Dubai, Dubai Mall, Dubai safari, Ferrari World etc.

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