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Dubai Visa For Infants 2024: Complete Procedure

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The City of Dubai has turned into a well-known traveller objective in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because of the rich culture and exciting city way of life. Last year itself, Dubai invited 5.35 million worldwide visitors. There are 6.04 million Dubai travellers and then some. To visit Dubai it becomes necessary to obtain a dubai visa for an infant before visiting if you do not belong to the nations that are eligible for visa exemption for some days to travel there.

Does a baby require a visit visa?

All travellers, including kids and babies, should have a visa to enter the UAE. This likewise incorporates babies. To visit Dubai, vacationers need to get a Dubai tourist visa or a visit visa. A Dubai tourist visa ought to be gotten on the off chance that the individual visits Dubai for recreation exercises. They might need to leave the country within 30 or 90 days.


Necessary documents for the child

  1. Child's photograph (eyes open and white background)
  2. Child's specific identification
  3. Father's Unique visa will is needed
  4. Copy of the mother's passport and visa page will be needed.
  5. Birth Certificates of children should be original

Documents expected for a Dubai visa

  1. Father's Original Passport copy.
  2. Identification copy with visa page of the mother.
  3. Child's identification with clear background and opened eyes.
  4. Child's unique birth declaration
  5. Both parent's unique ID (Arabic and English)
  6. Original Matrimonial Certificate
  7. Dubai Visa/Non-Free zone visa of guardians
  8. Compensation Certificate
  9. Child’s insurance policy


Grounds on basis of which an infant’s travel is decided

A child younger than 2 years is a baby. A newborn child can fly assuming that he is

  • Over 7 days
  • Isn't untimely
  • Is brought into the world without difficulties

On the off chance that the newborn child is brought into the world with entanglements or is untimely, the guardians ought to present the clinical report and fill in the Medical structure for the baby. A newborn child who is under 7 days and is expected to travel, will be permitted to board in the event of a crisis or on the other hand assuming the mother needs to go on compassionate grounds.

A few exceptional carriers

A few carriers like Air Arabia don't permit youngsters between the ages of 5 and 12 to travel solo. Another traveller who is something like 16 years of age should go with them. Fly Dubai doesn't permit youngsters under 12 years old to travel solo except if the kid is joined by a parent or watchman who is something like 16 years of age.


Dubai visits visa provisions

  • There are many elements that are thought about while applying for a Dubai visa for an Infant such as identity, reason, and length of the visit are totally thought about.
  • For GCC nationals, they have conceded a visa upon appearance in the UAE with international IDs or public IDs. Be that as it may, non-GCC identification holders, need to really look at the visa prerequisites for their separate nations.
  • Residents of a couple of nations don't need a Dubai visa to make an entry in Dubai and can undoubtedly get a visa upon appearance for 90 days.
  • Residents that belong to non-visa-exempt nations are required to carry a legit Dubai visa before travelling.

Points to remember

  1. Residents of certain nations can get a visa upon appearance for 30 days from the date of passage with their ordinary identifications.
  2. Residents can obtain a single entry Dubai visa for 14 days, 30 days and 90 days according to their preference of travel.
  3. The visa can be extended twice for another 30-day period, giving you a total of 60 days to visit Dubai.
  4. Identifications ought to be typical and legitimate for over a half-year
  5. Multiple entry Dubai visa allows multiple entries and exits and enables the holder to USE the 30-day validity of the visa whether or not they are inside or outside the United Arab Emirates.
  6. The number of days the visa holder spends outside the UAE will be determined based on the visa's 40-day validity period.



Dubai is a brilliant spot to visit. It houses a couple of places to get away as well as gives a couple of expected open entryways. Visiting Dubai should be on everyone's rundown of should-dos. Taking your youngsters and having an incredible bond with them will reinforce your bond with them. Foreign inhabitants can apply for a Dubai visa whenever the essential arises. Getting a Dubai visa for an Infant is most certainly not a problematic endeavour. The above article gives everyone the indispensable information anticipated that foreign nationals whether aduadults infants should apply for a Dubai visa.

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