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During its inception, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have played an essential role as a source of international aid and support to nations that are still in the process of establishing their economies. The primary goals of UAE assistance are to eradicate hardship and provide assistance to those who are struggling to make ends meet. In order to accomplish this goal, the UAE collaborates with the authorities of other countries; 

Geographical groupings like the African Community as well as the Association of American States; as well as the United Nations; 

United Nations (UN) entities, including the Global Food Plan, in order to assist in the development of state-level capabilities, engage in fostering development in human capital while also addressing the environmental impact and many other pressing issues. The UAE is able to supply support in the following three crucial regions: transportation and urban facilities; the effectiveness of governance; and the Advancement of women and preservation of their rights. 



One of the organizations is indeed the Emirates Red Crescent. A great number of UAE-based charitable organizations are charged with the responsibility of assisting those populations all across the globe that are in want. January of 2022, the most recent revision of The common people of the UAE COVID-19 Help was updated.  

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the UAE has given away a total of 2,062 tonnes of help in terms of nutrition or food and treatments, 135 nations received nutritional and medical help. Benefiting almost 2 million doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.   

  • Madagascar: A Cornerstone of the World Affairs of the UAE 2020 will see a group of relief professionals from the UAE visits Madagascar. Funding was supplied by the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Organization. 32,000 people will get support in the form of nutrition and social goods in Madagascar. The Khalifa Institute has contributed to the success of Following its founding in 2007, it has expanded to greater than 85 nations.   
  • Sudan: 2019 saw the United Arab Emirates make public a $1.5 billion investment in Sudan. A donation for the Sudanese government's growth comprising financial, Assistance in the fields of medicine, agriculture, education, and other areas as well. In the year 2020, when floods wreaked havoc in Sudan, the Emirates Red Crescent, Crescent Organization organized a relief caravan to provide one hundred tonnes of food as well as medical help to areas that are in need. 
  • Mali: The United Arab Emirates has contributed more than $90 million in aid to Mali. Since 2013, there have been social and economic efforts in Mali. The United Arab Emirates has committed forty million dollars to assist Mali's Government The Public Dwelling Project is an ongoing endeavour that spans many years and attempts to Develop 50,000 new dwelling units all around the United States. 
  • Ethiopia: With careful planning, in the month of December 2020 in conjunction with the Global Nutrition Plan and additional other worldwide organizations and the world's humanitarian groups, the United Arab Emirates launched an urgent air connection to Please provide help to the Ethiopian refugees who are now living in Sudan. 
  • Yemen: The United Arab Emirates has contributed $6 billion in aid to Yemen since 2015. providing aid on a moral basis to the inhabitants of Yemen In retaliation 60,000 vaccinations were supplied by the UAE in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. COVID-19 vaccination shots to Yemen. Help from the UAE extended to Yemen has contributed to the building of or assisted in the preservation of 110 clinics and healthcare facilities, in addition to the 360 educational institutions. Additionally, mobile treatments have been sent out by the Emirates Red Crescent. To give health care to rural Yemeni areas. 
  • In the aftermath of Storms Harvey and Irma, the United States: This resulted in flooding and other forms of damage to towns throughout In the states of Texas as well as Florida in 2017, the United Arab Emirates administration committed $10 million to the state of Texas and a million to the state of Florida, correspondingly, to assist with regional as well as efforts made by the state. 
  • Somalia: Working in conjunction with the International Health Organization In response to the call for assistance from the World Health Organization, the United Arab Emirates thousands of kilograms worth of health materials to Somalia in April of 2020. 
  • An acronym for the Association of American States: The United Arab Emirates, through its Nearly 39,000 items were provided by the Consulate in Washington, District of Columbia. Providing personalized protection gear (also known as PPE) to that same OAS.  

Bolivia, Ecuador, and El Salvador each received some of the supplied gear. 



One will only require the relevant papers, such as a valid passport, a picture that is the appropriate size for a passport, information about the trip, and a valid transaction fee to cover the cost of the visa in order to register for a Dubai Visit Visa online. You may submit an application for a visit visa to Uae by using all of these items. It is impossible to adequately convey the splendour of the land via verbal description; you must go there in order to fully appreciate its splendour and regain your equilibrium. Arrange a journey to the stunning city of Dubai once you have obtained your Dubai Visit Visa


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