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is a confirmed flight ticket necessary before traveling to dubai 2024

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Dubai is a city that is visited by people from the entire world. The most loved destination to spend the holidays and enjoy some leisure time along with their loved ones, tourists prefer visiting this glittery city for several reasons.

If you are a first time traveler, you must be thinking about, is a confirmed flight ticket necessary before traveling to Dubai? The answer to which you will find in this article.

 Before traveling, you must possess a complete itinerary for your visa. The emirates are strict about its immigration, and hence, you should abide by the rules and Dubaitravel restrictions.

The embassies ask for the itinerary and refer to it by different names:

  •         Confirmed/ booked flight itinerary
  •         Round trip reservations
  •         Reservation/ confirmation
  •         Round trip tickets
  •         The proof of onward travel

These are also referred as an informal way in social media sites as:

  •         Dummy air ticket
  •         The dummy tickets for visa application process
  •         Air ticket bookings, etc.

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This document basically consists of all the details about your flight’s route. The information included in it are name, arrival/departure of the plane, also the dates and time, IATA codes, booking numbers, and other things.

An airline ticket/pass is basically a document that is issued by an airline company, or a travel agency. It helps you to fly across places. It can be both domestic and international. It provides confirmation that the passenger has booked the seat that he or she is traveling on.

This document contains:

  •         Name of the traveler
  •         The name of the plane
  •         Reservation number and also the booking ID
  •         The date of departure and arrival
  •         The IATA airport codes
  •         The price of the booking
  •         The details of any connected air journey, if there is any.


It is not at all obligatory to apply for the reservation before getting the visa. The alternative you can try is getting the itinerary which can be booked easily without even paying the full price for the reservation. After you get your visa, you can easily obtain the plane reservation as per your choice.

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Since many people visit the city in search of jobs and other business related conferences, it is not always possible to book the return reservations for the plane. When something like this happens, people opt for the dummy tickets.

Dummy tickets are reservations that look similar to the standard airline tickets. This reservation document consists of alpha numeric codes that are referred to as the PNR codes. These can be verified on the airline website using that PNR code, in most cases.

Many people have a notion that dummy tickets are just photoshopped upon a piece of paper and are a fake. But, this is not correct. They are verifiable and can totally be used.

These tickets can be used for a variety of reasons. They can be shown as a proof that they will return back to their home country, and also during the visa application process. However, you should know that not all dummy tickets are the same for dummy return ticket dubai. We can compare this to an ocean filled with different kinds of fishes There are different kinds of them available in the market:

  •         FAKE TICKETS: as the name defines, they are totally a fake. They do not even have the PNR code in them, and hence, are not verifiable. You should stay aware of the people who try to provide you with these types of tickets.
  •         DUMMY RETURN TICKETS: This is the most common type of reservation that is used by passengers. These come with a regular PNR code and look similar to the standard reservation documents. These are highly trustable.
  •         CONFIRMATION OF DUMMY TICKETS: These are the actual fully paid reservations for the plane. You can also call it a real one, because it is. This can be easily obtained from the IATA in Dubai. These tickets are also cancelled once the person reaches his or her destination. These are extremely safe to apply for.


Most embassies do not ask for these documents, however, in the UAE, the requirement for confirmed round plane tickets is optional. This proof may be asked for various reasons, they are:


This is the main reason why the round plane reservations are needed. It is basically to make sure that you will not overstay the stay validity as mentioned in your visa. The documents contain the exact fates of the arrival and departure, hence, they are a convincing document stating that you will return back to your home county.

However, this does not guarantee your entry into the country. Along with this you will have to provide the other documents that are needed:

  • A valid passport that should be valid for at least six months.
  • Passport size photographs that should be clicked with a white background.
  • Hotel bookings

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Q. Is dummy ticket illegal?

No, it is not. They come with a PNR and can be easily verified. You need to look out for the fraudsters who try to provide fake tickets though.

Q. Can you travel to Dubai on a one-way ticket?

If you come from the visa-exempt, or visa on arrival countries. You can travel with a one-way reservation. 

Many nations do not ask for confirmed flight tickets. As, if the visa application gets rejected, they will not be able to get their money back that they invested in booking the tickets. However, a smart move to avoid this is to book refundable air tickets. You can later check the status on Emirates refund. So, the next time you think about it, is a confirmed flight ticket necessary before traveling to Dubai? You won’t have to think twice, and just flow with the smooth visa application process on the Dubai visa center. 

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