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Can you live with a Friend in Dubai in 2024- lets find out

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What kind of person will not want to stay with their friend in Dubai? If you want to stay in Dubai with your friend but you are worried about the visa processing and documents required then you should not be worried at all. If you do not belong to at least one of the visa exempted countries as provided by the Dubai visa policy then you will get a visa very easily. You can apply for a Dubai visa and travel to Dubai to stay with your friend. You can also get all the help from Dubai Visa Center according to your preferences.

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You can leave up to 90 days with having two different types of visas. A 90-day single entry visa for 90 days multi-entry visa. You can apply for both of these visas by filling in a Dubai visa application form and submit it so that you can stay with your friend in Dubai for 90 days and have a lot of fun together.


It is a common misconception that Dubai can only be enjoyed as a Solo Traveler. There are a lot of things that you can do with your friend that will keep you fully entertained for 90 days. Here is the complete list of what you can do with your friends in Dubai,

  • Visiting Aquaventure Water Park: this is a widespread 17 acres of land which is located inside Atlantis Palm hotel. You can have an adventurous visit to the water park during a hot summer day if you are in Dubai and you also get to enjoy several rides as well.
  • Visiting Legoland: you will never get old to play with legos and you can go to this place to enjoy a great day. You can build your houses and have pictures taken and you will have a lot of fun just like when you were kids.
  • IMG world of Adventure: if you love going to a theme park then you will surely remember this for your whole life. You can go there and the whole day will be over in a just blink of an eye. With Marvel characters placed all over the place and the cartoon characters that we use to watch all the time, you will be amazed when you are in the adventure land.
  • Dubai aquarium: this is also one of the major attractions of Dubai and you must visit this place. Dubai aquarium is an underwater zoo with a great mechanism so that you can feel the water animals very closely.
  • Dubai desert safari: if you visit Dubai then you cannot miss this. This is a must-do activity when you are with your friends. Having a camel safari and going through the sense of Dubai Desert is something that you can do really so you will remember it for your whole life.

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These are just some of the many activities that you do with your friend in Dubai. If you want a Dubai visa you must contact us and we will provide all the details and add documents required for the application of a visa and we will sponsor you as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes if you have a friend then do there is no need to book any hotel and you can stay with your friend as long as you want.

It is suggested that the public display of affection must be minimum. It is considered an offense and you should avoid it as much as possible. Holding hands is acceptable but kissing and hugging are not acceptable. Also, noise disturbances bad language, and making bad gestures are considered as coffins, and showing this respect to any religion or its leader is strictly Forbidden and if you do any of these you may get yourself in legal trouble.

Dubai is a Cosmopolitan city and understands that marriage does not define all relationships so there is no law against being an unmarried couple and living in Dubai.

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