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know how to setup nursery in dubai 2024

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The increase of companies in Dubai has raised the number of expatriates in the country proportionately. It has a specialised field for all, whether for business owners, entrepreneurs or beginners hunting for jobs. Companies require trained and experienced professionals to perform specific tasks. At the same time, employees who have to devote time to their children become very fatigued. The pressure at work limits them to carefully teaching their children what is essential. Parents that are unable to hire a maid may decide to take care of children by choosing a kindergarten/play school. 

As demand for a kindergarten is growing over time, we can say that setting up a kindergarten is one of the booming enterprises in Dubai. You have come to the right position if you are a contractor who wants to take a step towards starting a business in Dubai. In this article, we will tell you how to set up a nursery in Dubai. So read and find out.


What is Nursery?

A playschool or nursery is an entity where employees can leave their children while in office. Simply put, we can regard a kindergarten as a kindergarten institution that not only takes care of but explores several areas, such as gaming, nutrition and food, childcare etc. The nursery owner must now comply with special regulations and rules laid down by the Ministry of the UAE. 

General Rules for Setting Up a Nursery

  • You must obtain a Nursery Licence.
  • The owner or owner should be a national of the UAE
  • Certificate of police clearance must be obtained
  • If the region is a free zone, the party shall be a national of the UAE
  • Nursery should be on the first or ground floor
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs with Arabic translation must be provided with three naming options
  • Only after approval by the Ministry of Social Affairs should the lease agreement be drawn up.

Next, look at the core process in which a kindergarten is integrated into Dubai.

Steps to Open Nursery in Dubai

There are certain phases in the establishment process that you must follow in sequential order.

Phase 1: UAE Education Ministry Approval

Approval from the Ministry of Education is essential for the owner. You have to do this

  • Complete the application form containing the personal information of the owner and the details of the project.
  • The representative of the Ministry of Education must attend a meeting.
  • You must provide the Ministry of Education with a copy of the academic plan
  • Change if necessary and receive approval from the Department of Education
  • Construction approvals must be obtained in light of safety measures


Phase 2: Civil Defense and Municipality Approval

After completing Phase 1, the following steps are required:

  • Send Municipal and Civil Defense the required documents
  • A MOE representative will visit the site to declare a final construction check approval
  • The proposed Manager must submit another application with its details
  • Upon file, the Ministry of Education shall approve the Interview with the Manager

Phase 3: Department of Economic Development Licence

The following tasks need to be carried out during this last stage:

  • License application and access for economic services
  • Self-employment application
  • Feed the nursery staff information into the system
  • Search for publicity approvals

We can therefore see that the final step of the establishment process requires multiple approvals. Now a document is one of the key elements in establishing any business.

Documents Required

You must submit the documents described below to set up a nursery in the UAE.

  • Copy of the Passport of the Contractor
  • Profiles of the teacher
  • Copy of the Family Book
  • Application for a children's licence
  • Certificate of Police Clearance
  • Businessman's Photo
  • Letter of appointment as Manager of the local UAE
  • Location and drawing of the kindergarten with the proposed address

Cost Incurred for Hiring Employees

At the initial stage of installation of a nursery in Dubai, the above cost must be borne. Now, the legal proceedings play a very important role in the whole process of establishing childcare companies. It is recommended that a business consultant assist you in dealing with the lawsuit. In addition to the legal field of business, such as accounting, accounting, and visa services, a company must be built. 


Points to Remember

Keep track of your director of kindergarten as soon as your final approval has been granted and ready for use. So you can save your precious time.

In addition, a candidate selected must have an early childhood university degree or an early childhood leadership. And they also need a kind of professional certification.

To start up a nursery company, many government agencies and departments communicate and interact with for approvals. And it is understood to say that the business set-up procedure in Dubai can make someone new to the country a little bit intimidating.

Therefore, it can be helpful for entrepreneurs to get help from a consultant in an establishment.

Final Words

So this is all about How to Setup Nursery in Dubai that you must be aware of. For Visa related questions, you can contact Dubai Visa Center.

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