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here is why dubai is a hotspot for tourists all around the world

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Dubai has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the world. The Emirate has witnessed tremendous growth in tourist footfall. The annual tourist count in the city in the year 2019 was 16.73 million, around a million more than the 2018 tourist count.  

Before the covid, tourist footfall in the city was increasing by an average of 6% annually. 

Ever wondered why this single city is drawing so many tourists? What is it that makes Dubai the ideal travel destination for travellers and tourists worldwide? To know why the city is witnessing such a huge tourist footfall, read the complete article.  

The points presented below are the reason why Dubai has gained the position of one the most popular tourist destination  


Steady Population Increase  

Dubai is witnessing a steady growth in population and the main reason behind this growth is not the increase in local fertility rate, but a big increase in the number of expatriates shifting to the Emirate in search of new work and employment opportunities. The increase in population has increased the demand for residential spaces, this has skyrocketed the number of new real estate projects in the city. Dubai's municipality has advised that an additional 3500 residential units need to be built in the city every year to provide residence to the large numbers of expatriates flying to Dubai. 

But how is the population increase related to the increase in tourist numbers? Well when someone shifts to a new place, they open the doors and provide a reason to their relatives and known ones to visit the place. And when so many expatriates shift to Dubai, the family visits are bound to rise, hence Dubai has witnessed such a hike in tourist numbers. 

Word class hospitality  

Dubai hosts some of the world's most lavish and premium hotels that provide visitors with best-in-class hospitality. Such hospitality is drawing thousands of visitors to Dubai. With hotels like Burj Al Arab and Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, Dubai provides its visitors with the best living experience.  

Today millions of tourists visit Dubai to experience the hospitality it offers. When Dubai's modern infrastructure and breathtaking architecture are supported by the city's premium hotels and hospitality, Dubai becomes the first choice among travellers and tourists. 


Great Shopping Experiences  

Dubai, with its 96 world-class malls, makes sure that visitors have a great shopping experience. The malls in Dubai are a retreat for those who want to add a new flavour to their lifestyles. 

Among all the malls, The Mall of Emirates and The Dubai Mall are the two most famous shopping destinations in Dubai that attract millions of visitors every year. 

The malls in the city do not provide a great shopping experience only, they provide an overall great recreational experience to the visitors. The Mall of Dubai, with an indoor ski resort, attracts skiing enthusiasts from around the world. 

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo  

Well if you thought that to experience marine life you would need to dive into the sea in your scuba diving gear, then you might be unaware of the engineering marvel, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, that has made it possible to experience the diverse marine ecosystem on land only. 

The 10 million litre tank is home to thousands of aquatic animals, comprising 140 species of marine life. The place provides memorable moments to the visitors and has become an ideal place to visit in Dubai with friends and family. The visitors can enjoy encounters with various marine species such as the penguin, King crocodile, sharks, and many more. 

The site attracts thousands of tourists and is one of the main reasons behind the growth of tourism in Dubai. 


Museum of Future  

What strikes your mind when you hear the term museum? Maybe a gallery housing ancient artefacts and memorials that reflect how the lives were in the days gone. Yes, this is what a museum is, a place that radiates the ways and stories of the past, but what if we tell you that there is a place in Dubai that has changed the traditional meaning of a museum? We are talking about the museum of the future, a one of its type museum, that rather than reflecting the stories and the lives of the past, presents its visitors with the picture and possibilities of the future. 

The Museum welcomes its visitors to take a journey into the future and experience what the future might be like. 

This place has become a dream destination for travellers and explorers around the world and has boosted tourism in Dubai. 

After reading the article, you may also wish to visit Dubai. So why delay, apply for a visa and pack your bags to experience this wonderful city. To apply for a visa, you can take our assistance as with our simple and quick visa application process, you can apply for a visa in no time. 



Tourism in Dubai is growing with each passing year and the points mentioned above are a few of the reasons for that. 

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