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what if you lose your dubai visa

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Dubai has the most beautiful atmosphere and the most eye-pleasing scenario to serve you. And Dubai literally has all of what you would ever want to see. And if you are visiting Dubai, you must know about all that it has to offer you. It not only carries the most beautiful ambiance but also provides you with the most charming and overwhelming destination sites since it is all that Dubai is famous for and this is all that attracts the tourists around the world visiting Dubai.

Dubai visa

A Dubai visa is not only a pass or a document, but for you, the most crucial role in your Dubai visit. This is something that allows you to enter Dubai on a legal basis, and once you do not possess a Dubai visa, you are not allowed to visit the UAE further. From all of this, you can surely gather the role that a visa plays for you during your entire trip to Dubai. It allows you to visit, stay, or leave a particular country, and you can imagine the complications during your visit time if you don’t have a Dubai visa.


What happens if one loses their Dubai visa?

Since you now know what importance a Dubai visa holds, then you surely can’t be in Dubai without having a Dubai visa or having lost a Dubai visa. Once you lose your Dubai visa, you can go for different alternatives in order to stay in Dubai for longer if you want to. If you have lost your Dubai visa, the first thing that you can do is to visit your nearest police station and you can report the whole incident there. This is when you’ll have to provide the whole details of the theft or for whatever reason, you have lost your visa.

You can also re-apply for a new Dubai visa if it’s urgent for you to be in Dubai. And to apply for a visa to Dubai, you can get it through us again and can have hassle-free processing of your Dubai visa.  In order to apply for a Dubai visa, you must have the following documents:

  • A completely filled visa application form.
  • A valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months from your date of arrival in Dubai.
  • Passport-sized photos are also required and make sure that they should not be older than 3 months.
  • A vaccination certificate as per the COVID guidelines.
  • All the personal details
  • Copy of the applicant’s Emirate ID.
  • A report stating the entire case of losing or stealing your Dubai visa.

In addition, if you lose your UAE visit visa stamped by an immigration officer at an airport in the UAE, you can contact your sponsor who issued the visa. I'm confident he'll be able to locate your visit visa and provide you with a copy. In addition, your passport will have an entry stamp stating the date you entered the UAE. In case of a police inspection during your stay in the UAE, request a duplicate of your visa from your sponsor or make a copy of your passport, including the entry stamp page.

What if one applies for a new visa to Dubai?

You can surely apply for a new visa if your old one is stolen or if you have lost it. In order to apply, you can visit our website and you will be required to pay a certain amount for the different kinds of visas that you are applying for. You can apply for a 14-day, 30-day single and multiple entry visa, or 90-day single and multiple entry visas.



If one loses a Dubai visa, one can go through certain methods stated above and can get a new visa with us at any time. But one must make sure to apply it in an accurate way so that you can receive the visa well on time.

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