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World's first real Madrid theme park to come up in Dubai 2024

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To all the theme parks in dubai  you've been up to date, we bet this upcoming one in Dubai after the fall of the New Year is going to leave you speechless! Because this time, it isn't any robotic science but for the audience by the Dubai holding authorities along with the collaboration with 'Real Madrid', a theme parks that will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024. This is the most fantastic news that was official on 17th November 2023.  

What is the motto behind opening this theme park?  

The main motto behind this theme park in dubai  regards all the footballers who were a part of the team Real Madrid and won the European Cup 14 – times; it was discussed all over the world about the history and merchandise of what Real Madrid has created an impact on the football world. To cherish that moment forever amongst the audience, this theme park will be launched.  

What will be the type of theme park?  

The theme park will be developed for entertainment purposes, which will be for all age groups and will have games, amusement rides, stores, and a museum. One will love to be a part of the legacy Real Madrid once shared during the start of their football career.  

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Who was a part of Real Madrid?  

The famous club Real Madrid had the world's best football players of all time, including the famous Cristiano Ronaldo, Ferenc Puskas, Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, David Beckham and many more talented gems were included in the teams of Real Madrid.  

Collaborative Ideas of Dubai and Real Madrid theme park.  

Real Madrid was the most fantastic team club of the 20th century. In the upcoming FIFA 2020 World Cup, this news was officially announced along with the excitement seen in social media tweets, the CEO of Dubai Entertainment head mentioned that through the construction development of this theme park, many tourists will be attracted to have entertainment at the theme park and in this way, the revenue generations, via tourism visa, can occur which also defines Dubai as a leading tourist destination with world's best innovative creations which will eventually enhance the newer generations curiosity about the real world of football leading to better sports facilities across the globe.  

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One can visit the:

  1. Dubai Marina
  2. Burj Khalifa
  3. Deepest Diving pool in Dubai;

there's a lot to explore and know about this beautiful Arab cultured city because when you're in Dubai, you can never be bored! To stay connected to all the present-day interventions, one must visit Dubai once in their lifetime.

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Dubai again made its way to being the most luxurious city in the Middle East. After all the inventions in Dubai, it's still remembered for the rich heritage they carry of Arabic and Islamic culture altogether. The Real Madrid club is one of the most popularised football teams of all time, commonly known as "The White House" club. This club has conquered the hearts of football fans, with 21 Trophies in European football and 14 European Cup Champions League titles.   
When one visits Dubai, all the person says is Habibi, come to Dubai, UAE! Because no other country has that particular thing, people connect with Dubai, so many tourists from other countries also prefer Dubai as their first preference when it comes to their travel list. The theme park invention by Real Madrid has given all of us a chance again to visit Dubai and embrace its beautification! Children of age 12 can enjoy the amusement park rides that run parallel to the theme park. To all the great footballers of time, we'll be super excited to visit the museums that have engravings of the whole stadium atmosphere.   

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