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Abu Dhabis Popular Shiekh Zayed Festival

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Through arts, crafts, gastronomy, and customs, the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival highlights the United Arab Emirates vibrant and diverse culture.

The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, which bears the name of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the country's founding father, is informative for those curious about the founder's heritage. Through handicrafts, traditional performing arts, and other forms of art, it also honours the United Arab Emirates rich cultural history.

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The state of heritage:

The Festival moves confidently and quickly toward regional and worldwide levels, and the DCT's involvement in the Festival strengthens the local and global cultural and heritage platforms, highlighting the state of origin and the Department's efforts to preserve the history represented by the intangible heritage elements that have been recognized with UNESCO. The DCT pavilion offers a variety of programmes for events, such as the folklore platform, which has performances of folklore like Al-Razfa and Al-Ayala, and a presentation of UNESCO files.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival, 2022–2023, will feature various entertaining, educational, and cultural activities from 27 nations and civilizations. More than 60 restaurants will also provide food, drinks, and daily folklore performances spread across 120 days of family-friendly pleasure.

Celebration activities:

The main events and shows, festival attractions, daily events, and heritage competitions are the different categories of festival activities.

Shows and Events:

The most well-known Union Parade, National Day and New Year celebrations, Emirates Fountains and Laser Shows, Weekly Fireworks Displays, Al Forsan International Sports Resort activities, Al Wathba Custom Show, and Glow & Flower Garden will all provide entertainment for the public.

Attractions at the Festival:

The Military Heritage Music Shows, Fun Fair City, Horror House, Global Civilization Parades, International Shows, Theaters and Cultural Pavilions, Art District, Go Karting Competitions, Children's City, Selfie Street, Crazy Car, and Dessert Museum are just a few of the Festival's many outstanding attractions.

Typical Events:

The daily activities will feature roaming parades and displays, pavilions showcasing Emirati civilizations, horseback riding and camel riding competitions, and performances by the children's theatre. More than 15 theatres will participate in the Festival and routinely host cultural and entertainment activities.

Majalis Abu Dhabi will also participate in the Festival with a unique pavilion that promotes social values, customs, and traditions while strengthening national identity via various educational sessions, national social events, and contests. Sheikh Zayed Festival will set up many screens across the grounds so guests can watch live sports broadcasts during the World Cup 2022, the big athletic event eagerly awaited by people worldwide.

Heritage-themed Contests:

Through historical contests and raffle draws, including those for H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival, the Sheikh Zayed Festival Dhow Sailing Race 2022, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Prize Camel Race 2022, the Sheikh Zayed Falconry Competition 2022, and Traditional Cooking Competitions, the Festival will offer its attendees hundreds of chances to win significant prizes.

Eating Area:

For everyone's enjoyment, the Festival offers several dining spaces with various eateries that provide food and snack stations. More than 60 restaurants, food trucks, kiosks, pavilions, Souk Al Wathba, and the Art District provide a variety of delectable dishes and drinks from across the world.

Worldwide Civilizations:

More than 27 nations participate in the Festival, representing various cultures and civilizations. Each nation's participation in the Festival highlights a distinct component of its culture, such as its architectural history, traditional markets, goods, and crafts. Daily folkloric performances will delight guests and allow them to participate in the World Civilizations Parade. This year, the Festival welcomes several new nations and pavilions.

Many new businesses and institutions are joining this celebration of history and culture to build on the success of the Sheikh Zayed Festival in previous years and to demonstrate the significant public and private entity participants' social responsibilities.

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The Sheikh Zayed Festival is open to guests every day from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. from 18 November to 18 March 2023. It is a significant cultural event with thousands of performances, events, and activities from local, national, and international folklore scenes, all carefully selected to foster a unique, happy family atmosphere. Check our webpage, Dubai visa centre, to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sheikh Zayed Festival's current season is filled with intriguing and unusual activities, entertaining attractions, and competitions. China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, India, Turkey, and Morocco are among the nations with pavilions present. 

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