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how to give a uae visa interview in 2024

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So your visa application has been processed and accepted. Now there is just one last step left for you to acquire the visa UAE and that is the infamous interview section. 

While for many, the interview round of visa application is not a process they need to stress about as they might have had previous experience with that but for many applicants, especially the first-time visa applicants, getting some advice becomes necessary. 

Well to guide you on how you can excel in your interview round, we have listed some important pieces of advice to help you prepare for the interview, go through them and make sure you nail your UAE visa interview.


Be Punctual 

The most important (and kind of obvious) piece of advice for the applicants is to be at the embassy or consulate at the exact time provided by them.

Arriving late for the interview makes the embassy member perceive the applicant as an irresponsible candidate, and as the saying goes 'first impression is the last impression', well this won't be your 'last' but probably the most important impression.

One extra piece of advice is to keep the target of reaching the embassy 15-20 minutes before the allotted time so as to avoid any unseen and unexpected uncertainties.

Prepare For the Questions 

If you want the visa officers to consider your application, then you should reach the embassy well prepared. You don't have to memorize answers, anyway, it won't work due to the nature of questions that are asked, what is required is that you must have an idea of the nature of questions asked as it will allow you to answer the questions more effectively.

The questions asked are usually based on,

  • The purpose of the visit?
  • How is the visit going to be financed?
  • Personal background, history
  • The accommodation plans
  • Some information regarding the sponsor.

Being familiar with the types of questions asked in an interview will make sure that the applicant looks promising to the visa officers.

Remember that when the visa officer asks questions, try to answer them quickly without taking up too much of their time, as if the questions are answered lamely, the answers appear to be made up or false.


Do NOT Skip Questions and Give True Answers 

Remember, one of the basic purposes of this interview is to enable the embassy to know whether the information provided in the application is legit or not. In such a scenario if you skip the question or even provide a false answer, then your application is surely heading toward rejection.

In your interview you must provide information to the best of your knowledge and don't try to avoid questions as the embassy has the authority to further check your background and travel history, hence lying is going to get you nowhere so be honest and answer all the questions.

Dress Up Accordingly 

Be careful while choosing your attire for the interview round as an inappropriate impression can affect your visa application.

Try to wear formal clothing and avoid pouring tones of perfume as the embassy officers do not want you to dress for a party, they expect a decent appearance.

Along with your attire, you should also be conscious of your body language and gestures. Keep the following points in mind to make sure your body language impresses the officers 

  • Do not avoid eye contact with the embassy officials.
  • Do not lean forward or lay back, maintain a neutral body position
  • Keep a smiling and relaxed face as a hesitant and awkward face will make the officials uncertain about your application 


Carry All The Required Documents 

Accumulate all the necessary documents you uploader while your application such as the proof of accommodation, passport, flight ticket reservation, etc at least a day prior to your interview as you can not afford to lack any of the required documents during your interview.

Even before the interview starts, the officials ask for the documents to check their authenticity. If you are unable to provide the required documents at the first stage only, your chances of even giving an interview are ruined, clearing the interview is out of the context. So please make sure your documents are ready.

Cool Down 

Well, this is not definite advice but filling up the documents, performing the legal formalities and at the same time thinking about the interview, wooh! Man this all might have made you uneasy so just take some time and relax a bit 

Appearing for the interview in an uneasy and nervous form is going to make the process unnecessarily difficult for you, so take some moments and cool down to give you your best.



Clearing a UAE visa interview is not rocket science, all you need to do is take care of a few things so that the interview is not a hurdle to your visa.

Well before preparing for an interview, you would need to apply for a visa and for that we are here to assist you.  Apply for the visa through Dubai Visa Center and get your application processed in no time so that you can spend your time preparing for the interview and planning for the trip.

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