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uae new visa rules and changes applied 2022

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Dubai is a spot for tourists, employees, students, investors, and many other people. Every year thousands of people visit Dubai with a purpose. Dubai earns billions of dollars through visitors visiting Dubai. Dubai has a long list of different types of visas available for visitors. These visa types include tourist visas, business visas, student visas, work visas etc, and also some premium visas like the Golden visas. All these visas have common as well as some specific requirements. The Dubai government changes visa rules from time to time to provide better security to their country as well as visitors. In this article, we will read about the UAE's new visa rules and applied changes

UAE Golden Visa 

A golden visa is a premium long-term visa and was introduced by the Dubai government a few years back. It is a long-term visa with 10 years of validity. It is provided to only VIPs but now the UAE government has provided some new rules and guidelines for Golden Visa


Golden Visa new rules and changes applied

1. Golden Residence for Exceptional Talents

This residence visa is also a premium visa that is only provided to the top talents in some important fields like sports, culture, digital presence, etc. People who have achieved name and fame along these lines can get a Golden residence visa

2. Golden Residence for Professionals 

This kind of resident visa has gone through major changes. To be qualified, candidates must be categorised in the first or second occupational levels and hold a valid work contract in the United Arab Emirates. A bachelor's degree or comparable educational qualification is required to apply for the visa.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for this category of residency

  • Having a valid employment contract in the UAE and falling within the first or second occupational level as determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's classification, which is in line with the International Standard of Classification of Occupations (ISCO) of the International Labor Organization.
  • Having a bachelor's degree or its equivalent as a minimum educational level


3. Golden Residence for Investors

As per old laws, to obtain a golden residence visa, one should have an investment in the UAE of at least 2 million dollars. As per the new rules provided by the UAE government, the investors can also buy a property in the UAE on a loan which should be issued by some specific local banks listed by the UAE government

4. Golden Visa For Students and Graduates

The visa is open to excellent graduates from UAE universities or the top 100 institutions worldwide as well as high-achieving pupils in UAE secondary schools. There are certain requirements based on academic standing, university classification, graduation year, and other aspects.

5. Green Residence Visa 

New rules have also been implied within Green residence visas for skilled employees. Employees without a sponsor or employer can now obtain a 5-year resident visa, but only if they have a legitimate job contract. The ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has stated that eligible employees should have a first, second and third occupational level. 

6. Golden Residence Visa for Scientists 

This is a very new visa type introduced by the UAE government. This visa is granted to scientists and researchers with high achievements. To obtain this visa, a scientist’s or an achiever’s achievement documents will be checked by the Emirates Scientists Council. 



This article was about the UAE's new visa rules and the changes applied. The UAE has applied some changes to visas and all visitors must follow them. Also, they have introduced many new green residence visas for many different categories of professions. These visas are introduced for the convenience of people. Basic visas such as tourist visas don’t get upgraded in terms of rules and regulations. To obtain a tourist visa, or transit visa, you can visit the Dubaivisacenter and can easily apply for the visa.

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