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how can i cancel my dubai visa

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Dubai has emerged as one of the most looked after travel destinations by tourists all around the world. Filled with magnificent infrastructure, world-class hospitality and the latest technology, Dubai has everything to offer to its visitors. 

Well if you too had your mind to visit this fantastic city and applied for a tourist visa, but due to any reason want to cancel your tourist visa, then this article is for you as it will resolve all your doubts regarding the tourist visa cancellation process in Dubai.

In Dubai, the process of Visa termination is as swift as the process of applying for it. You cAn easily terminate your Tourist visa by stating a valid and justified reason.



If you are applying for a Dubai tourist visa cancellation then make sure you have these requirements checked:

  • A stamped application for Visa cancellation, signed by the Sponsor.
  • If a corporation or an organisation is acting as a sponsor, then complete the cancellation agreement stamped with the organisation's stamp.
  • Clearing Certificate from the Ministry of Natural  Resources and Emiratisation.
  • The sponsored initial passports.
  • The sponsor must submit the actual passport or digitised extraction of the visa holder if he/she is not in Dubai.
  • If you want to convert your tourist visa to a residence visa, then you should first apply for a resident visa and then head to the cancellation process.



If your visa application has been approved and due for some reason, your plan to visit the country has changed then you might be wondering whether you even need to cancel your visa

A simple suggestion in such a situation is that there is not any definitive need to cancel your visa as anyway the visa is going to be cancelled by the UAE immigration department after 60 days of issuing the visa. After two months the visa will be terminated automatically, so you don't need to stress over the process of cancelling and pay the cancellation fee unnecessarily.

But, if after getting the visa, you realize it is of a shorter duration than the expected time of your visit to the city or if due to some new scenarios you are applying for a residence visa, employment visa, or any other visa type then it becomes mandatory to cancel your earlier tourist visa. 

If you apply for another visa type without cancelling your prior tourist visa, not only will your visa application process get rejected, but you may find it difficult to get a UAE visa in future. So a proper cancellation of your tourist visa must be initiated. To conduct the process of visa application, you can contact the agency through which you applied for the visa.

  1. Visit Dubai Visa Center or contact customer care.
  2. There, mention your objective(tourist visa cancellation).
  3. The staff shall ask you some basic questions
    • Your reason for visa cancellation
    • Your Application ID
    • And questions regarding the nature of your future or expected visit to the Emirates.
  4. After listening to your reason, they shall ask you for the additional documents required for the cancellation process depending upon the cause of your cancellation.

The further process shall vary depending upon the reason for your visa cancellation. So all you have to do is cooperate with staff and they guide you on the cancellation process accordingly, that time only.


The UAE authorities have made sure that the visa cancellation process is as efficient as possible hence the overall cancellation process does not take much time to be completed. The whole cancellation process gets concluded within 2-3 working days.



If you are cancelling your tourist visa because you won't be going to Dubai in near future, due to any reason then you don't need to get into the process of visa cancellation as the visa is going to be  terminated by the UAE immigration after 2 months automatically.

But if you are cancelling the visa because its validity is shorter than the duration of your expected visit or due to a change in the objective of visiting the UAE, then you will have to initiate the visa cancellation process. The process is simple, all you have to do is contact us and our committed staff shall guide you on the further process.

For more information regarding Dubai visas or to apply for a Dubai visa in a few simple steps, you can visit Dubai Visa Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your tourist visa is going to be terminated automatically after 2 months. So if you ain't visiting the emirates till then, you don't need to do anything extra.

If you have a tourist visa, you cannot go to the UAE as an employer, you need to have an Employment visa for that. 

First, cancel your tourist visa. Upon successful cancellation of your visa, you should apply for the employment visa next.

You can further refer to our website to know more about the process and requirements to apply for an employment visa.

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