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what to do at ski dubai

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Ski Dubai is one of the world's biggest indoor parks for children and adults alike in the winter. The indoor skiing area has a capacity of 22,500 square meters, with a capacity for 6,000 tonnes of snow and various rides, displays, and lessons. Snow park offers an interesting chairlift ride, a zipline with adrenaline shootings, tube slides, a down giant ball, a 10-foot jump ramp, snowboarding, skiing, etc. In this article, we have talked about What to do at Ski Dubai. So read and find out.

Meet the penguins of snow closely and personally, as they dedicate themselves to the teaching of Gentoo and King penguins by snow park guests. Witness the Penguins' March, a fascinating moment when several times every day snow penguins march to charm visitors.

Ski classes with great care for both beginners and experienced visitors are organized by qualified professionals. Enjoy a fun day at Ski Dubai and stay away from the middle-eastern heat by enjoying a day's snow-park activity. Ski Dubai also features in-house restaurants and coffee shops and a retail outlet where the best winter clothing and winter sports equipment can be shopped.

How Can You Reach Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is only 20 minutes by road from the airport. It is only 26 kilometers away. There are various options for getting to Ski Dubai on the prominently Sheik Zayed Road, the Metro takes approximately 42 minutes, and a direct train running from Terminal 3 every 10 minutes takes 35 minutes, or you can choose to take direct buses from the airport to Dubai every 30 minutes.

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Best Time at which You Can Visit Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is open 7 days a week and can be visited throughout the whole year as it is an indoor snow park for adventure lovers. Weekends and holidays attract many visitors, thus avoiding peak/rush hours to enjoy the snow at leisure.

What to Check at Ski Dubai

In the area of The Mall of The Emirates, one of the world's largest shopping malls, Ski Dubai is located strategically, offering an assortment of activities under a single roof. In and around Ski Dubai, several places of interest are available to visit for a journey to this part of the world.

  1. Visit Burj-Al-Arab, the only 7-star hotel to choose from, with 40 restaurants. You see, at this very location, the extremes of opulence and grandeur. The sky bar offers a wonderful view of the skyline of Dubai.
  2. Visit Sparkyz if you're accompanied by a child or a teenager. A small family entertainment facility full of video games, 3D zombies, bowling arenas, and other interesting tours.
  3. Exploring Dubai's nightlife at the many bars, most with excellent food and well-heeled facilities.
  4. Watch a film with exciting movies for the 14-screen multiplex screening day.
  5. Go Shopping in The Emirates Mall has more than 500 brands under one roof internationally.

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What to Do At Ski Dubai

  1. The first indoor zipline in the world: Snow Bullet, offers you a fascinating speed to fly 16 meters higher.
  2. Donate your ski boats and experience the slopes. The Middle East's longest ski slope leads you through snow-packed paths.
  3. Register at Ski School and receive professional ski training from qualified staff.
  4. Look at the snow penguins marching together and charming with their charm.
  5. Put a moment in the North 28 Snow Park Dinner for a fascinating food & drink to satisfy your appetite. In the Avalanche café 'and Ice Café' in the snow parks, try a taste of indulgent hot chocolate to keep you warm.
  6. Show at the Snow Pro Shop, a fantastic on-site retail outlet, a fantastic choice of winter wear, winter sports equipment, and the goods from Ski Dubai.

Tips for Ski Dubai Visit 

  1. Once you can adjust to the low-zero temperature, enter Ski Dubai and spend several hours in the snow-covered winter environment.
  2. Pregnant, cardiac, spinal, joint pain, and other physical conditions must stay away from entering Ski Dubai.
  3. Always acclimatize for a few minutes before the activity begins under low temperature.
  4. Wear good winter clothing such as jackets, snow boots, gloves, caps and fully cover yourself before entering the premises.
  5. The children should be accompanied by the adult between the ages of 3-12 years.

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Final Words

Ski Dubai is one of the most delightful places to visit in Dubai. Whenever you visit Dubai, you must visit Ski Dubai and enjoy the place to the fullest. One thing that you must keep in mind that for visiting Dubai, you must require a Dubai Visa that you can avail from the Dubai Visa Center website. They give full assistance if you face any problem while filling the Dubai Visa application form. They also assure you get an approved Dubai Visa within 2 to 3 days. So now that you know about What to Do At Ski Dubai, plan a trip to Dubai and make a memorable trip and have fun to the fullest.

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